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Another day

The faces of Wulagi school
Paint a picture of a place
Where hearts meet skies
An identity that shines
To the top we race
Palms to the sun and air
Surrounded by parks
Greenery is everywhere
Colour denotes the parts we cherish
Garden beds to plant our seeds
And watch them grow
Abundant animals roam free
Birds, reptiles, insects and frogs
Bringing life closer to us
And allowing it to simple be
We create our dreams
Be the best you can
Above our school motto

We stand, Heads high
Lips to the side
The children smile
As doors open wide
Morning glides to start a story
As bundles of good wishes play
Chitter chatter washes away
To a silence
Beneath the bends
of a "Hello! k Flack Flo!"
He sees, She hears
Embracing families
Another generation of laughter and tears
They reappear
Children and their peers
Colleagues, Parents, Community
Scratch, scrabble and pull
Are the familiar bounces of this and that

Follows a parcel of love delivered and shared
Among echoes that plead for school to stay
Pencil to paper
A heart or two
Belief is held,
Connection with community
Its strength
We shout out to the world
Be still and wait
For Wulagi School to deliver
Another day

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Maria Grujicic
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