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Four decades ago, an outcast quadriplegic lay dejectedly besides a shed leading to the main city temple of Nubia. How he managed to be there every now and then was a puzzle to many. However, he had a placard with the inscription, 'Have pity on me'. Men of golden hearts and philanthropists alike gave unto his bosom. Sojourning on the same road was a stranded traveler. Filled with compassion he dropped a wretched note into his bowl. Worried and moved by the fact that he could have done more, he thought of a new way to help. He took the placard, rubbed it off its original inscription and wrote another. What he wrote the quadriplegic couldn't see because of his immobility, but one thing caught his keen attention. All kinds of people began to give more gifts and soon his bowl and immediate resting place were packed with stuff.

Later in the early evening, the stranded traveler, now in the company of a priest was passing by. Apparently the priest had met the traveler and upon hearing his plight had offered to help him too. The quadriplegic voiced meekly into the thin air which instantly drew the focus of the traveler to him. As he moved patiently to inquire what the matter could be, the quadriplegic asked him what he had done to his inscription. The man cautious of his diction and in order not to upset the quadriplegic, said, I only wrote what you wrote in a different way.

The first inscription only told the people to have pity on the man most likely because it was obvious that he was a quadriplegic. The second inscription said, "It is only by grace that you go and come, show some love". Thus the subsequent inscription prompted people to think of how fortunate they were to be mobile. Should we be awe-struck that the second inscription was more effective?

One more thing we must always pray for is a grateful heart. We should be thankful for what we have. Above all we should be creative, innovative, think differently and positively. What is life if not lived for others? When there are a myriad of reasons that bedevil us in an attempt to point out how unfortunate and cruel life is, we should rise above the storm and demonstrate a countless number of reasons as to why we should be happy. You can walk, talk, read this piece.., "count your blessings.." etc. Face your past without much regret, handle your present with confidence and prepare for the future without fear because we know and trust who holds it. Franklin Roosevelt says, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." It is so heart soothing to see someone smiling, making it more superb knowing you are the very reason for the smile. Have absolute faith no matter how events unfold, I wish you well!

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Michael Dale-Asiedu
Michael Dale-Asiedu is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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