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Ways to Benefit from a Change in Perspective

Life can seem overwhelming at times, and it can present you with problems that seem of paramount importance. In reality, a change in perspective might give you a new way to interpret your problems. This might in turn give you a different way to manage life's challenges and navigate its twists and turns with greater awareness and even ease.

You do not need to look inward to gain new perspective on the world and life. Use your senses to take in the environment around you and let your thoughts turn to different ways of viewing things. Observation of your surroundings can bring you a whole new outlook about life. When you see things from a different point of view, your problems can take on a whole new different level of importance. Drop a bit of water onto a flat surface and look into the mound it forms. What you see will be an accurate reflection of your surroundings, but it will be shown to you in an entirely new way. Pour water into a wine glass. Inside the curves of glass, you will see the world around you turned upside down. Look into a crystal ball, not to see your fortune, but to see your environment turned right side up, and just about every which way a thing can be turned. You do not need to see your fortune in a ball. You can make your fortune better instantly by looking at and marveling at what you see inside, at the world in the ball. Hold it in your hand and wonder!
Tools such as water and glass or crystal ball are not necessary to gain a new perspective to view the world. Look down and watch the ants on the ground go about their daily business. Think about how small they are but yet how strong. Are they brave when they crawl over our bodies, which are giants to them? Or don't they perceive that we are living beings who could pose a huge threat to their lives? Look up and observe the movements and shapes of the clouds above you. Try to imagine how far away from you they are. Marvel at the way water can come together to form such airy objects, things that sometimes seem to have the consistency of cotton. Watch the stars at night. Think about how old they are, and how many years their light has taken to reach your eyes. You are seeing them not as they are, but many years later and from a place far away from where they are. What do the sky and the space beyond it make you think of? Does it make you feel small or large? Does it make you wonder what our place in the universe is? Does it make you marvel at the size and vastness of the universe? What is the difference between a human, the sun, and the rest of the stars? Why aren't we seeing the space beyond our planet?

Turn your focus to the colors around you. Some miracle of science lets us use our eyes to view the things around us in all sorts of shades, tones, colors, and degrees of brightness. Some miracle of life brings you this fresh new look on what you think you already know so well.

Use your sense of hearing to get another perspective. Listen to the sounds around you and contemplate their sources and the impact the sounds have on you and others. Do you hear the "walk" and "stop" signals at crosswalks with lights? Wonder to yourself, who made the machinery that creates the sound? What skills did they need to develop such a piece of technology? Was it hard for them to learn the necessary skills to produce this helpful tool? What could their goals have been in doing this work? Pay attention to the music or voices around you. Who made or is making those sounds? What do the sounds mean? What caused the people to create those sounds? Is the music inviting a conversation? Are the words said in a musical way? Think about music as communication and voices as musical instruments. What can music and voices teach us about the nature of human communication as a whole? Why do we communicate at all?

Your revelations about perspective shifts need not stay only in your own mind. Perhaps your moment of communion with other points of perception can be passed down to inspire changes in perceptions of other people. Write down or speak or sing or play your revelations from your exercises in perspective shifting. By memorializing your moment of revelation, you can then pass it on to others who themselves can benefit from a perspective shift. The records of your changes in perception can then serve to change the points of view of others long after your moment of insight has passed. You can touch their senses with your thoughts from a point in time when you perceived something with your own senses that made you pause and realize that things are not only what they seem. Try looking at the world in another way, by these or other means. May be that situation that has been troubling you is not worth the weight of the world on your shoulders. May be you are worth your weight in gold to the earth that supports you. Changes in your situation might just be a perception shift away.

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Vilmarie Vega
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