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I am not in the cage

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Earlier in times, when I wanted to have something and used to get stuck while doing or achieving it, I used to start thinking that I wouldn't have it. I used to make myself believe that it won't happen because there is something that is pulling me from behind. Now, when I look back, I can make out a difference in my own thoughts. That was not 'something' that used to pull me away from what I wanted. That was the 'won't' word that used to pull me back from doing it. That was my own belief. I was in the cage of my own thoughts.

It happens! When you keep thinking in the wrong directions, it will get you on wrong paths. You will keep thinking in the same directions and those thoughts will keep pulling you back. It's you only who created that thought and then you live it. But the truth is slightly different. You actually live in your thoughts, make a lot of assumptions in your thoughts and then believe them all. You certainly make yourself sure that this is the thing that will happen and then you don't try.
So, there is a cage, a cage in which you got stuck. A cage where you just see bars and think that you cannot go beyond. But didn't you see another thing there? There were spaces between every two bars, spaces from where the light comes, the air comes, the power comes, and the hope comes. You didn't, right? And if you didn't, then you are surely in a cage - The cage of your own thoughts, the cage of limits which you think it is there but actually it isn't.

I got a thought. When I can look at the bars, why can't I look at the light? Why can't I feel the air coming inside? Why can't I absorb the power that is knocking me? Why can't I raise the same hope in my heart? They all came crossing those bars and I can feel all inside myself. And if I can, everyone can too.
When you think beyond the bars, you start breaking them. When you do that, you feel that you are independent. Sky may have limits but your thoughts don't and if your thoughts don't, then you don't have limits too. So, think about it. Break the bars. Look beyond your limits and say to yourself, "I am not in the cage anymore!"

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Shraddha Porwal
Shraddha Porwal is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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