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You'll fail, not die

The scenario is when you want to do something you never did before.

So, whenever you think, "I want 'this' in my life". A sweet little angel jumps up coming out of your heart and climbs up to one of your shoulders and sweetly whispers in your ear with a hope in heart, "Yes! Yes! You want it.. Go.. get it.. enjoy it!". And suddenly, a red light flashes and a devil with its two red horns comes, climbs another shoulder and speaks, "No! What are you doing? You'll have to face a hell lot of problems. Your life will be a mess. No! Don't go for it!!!"

And then the moment begins...

Now a big-big-big villain comes into the picture and that is your MIND and you know what it will do? It will "think" and try to make you weak. YES!!! It will start thinking and keep jumping with its hell number of so called 'ifs' and 'buts'. It will say in a harder voice, "NO! You cannot do that. What if you FAIL?" [The biggest mistake]. And now it will keep you busy in imagining failing scenario. And then you will make a mistake and that is doubt yourself and stop. You give up and picture over!

Over?? NO!!

That innocent little angel is still there listening to all these conversations, watching full drama film and laughing. And you see that side.. and think.... "Huh?? Why is she laughing??"
you will fail not die,trust,hope
You: "Are you laughing at me? Why? This is not a joke. This is the serious question of my life".

She: "Ha ha!! It is a joke. Okay! You don't trust me? Then tell me, what happens if you would have thought that you will fail when you were trying to walk in childhood?"

You: [Confused reaction] Uh!!

She: "See! You tried to walk. You tried to speak. And only then were you able to do that. When you were a child, you used to think, I'll do it. I have to do it because I want it. You did not give up then when you were a kid then how can you do that now?"

You: [Relieved].

She: "Hey! Just try to be a child from your heart who didn't give up, who tried, tried and tried even after failing."

You: [Little hope on face]

She: "See! You know what will happen? Either you will get it or learn from it but you'll not die. Failing means dying and you are alive now; so you cannot fail. So, just go for it!! :)"
You: [With full of hope in heart you see other side of your shoulder and found no one there... ] "I'll not die."

She: [Smiling] ... "Go for it!"

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Shraddha Porwal
Shraddha Porwal is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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