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Angels around you

Every one of us has got special angels from heaven who protect us, who are there with us ALWAYS. But we don't realise their presence as they disguise themselves as other ordinary people and they live ordinary lives - JUST FOR OUR SAKE. But, if we look carefully we may recognise them. They are people who are ready to do anything and everything for us; time and place don't matter to them. They are people who stand by our side always and our happiness means the world to them.

When you begin your journey called life, you get your GUARDIAN ANGELS whom you call PARENTS. From the day of your birth they make a promise to themselves to protect you from all evils of the world. They fulfill your requirements even before you realise you need them. They make you understand the difference between right and wrong. They help you take the most difficult decisions of life. When you fall they fold their arms of warmth around you where you can feel like a winner in spite of losing to the world. They console you and believe in you when nobody else does. They give you hope, they make opportunities for you, and they sacrifice all that they have earned their whole life just for your sake.
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As you keep walking in this journey further, more and more angels start becoming a part of it. They come as your siblings, as your best friend, who can do anything for you. They laugh with you, they cry with you, they fight with you sometimes but they stand with you always. They are the ones who can fight against the world if it hurts you. They help you take decisions which you don't feel like sharing with your guardian angels. They help you decide the right life partner, right dress to wear, right message to send, right person to be with and so on, the list is endless. It includes all those small-small things that make life. They make you happy when your skies are grey .They give you some of the happiest crazy moments of your life which you can keep treasured forever.
And, then comes your LOVE ANGEL - the angel with whom you share your whole life, s/he accepts you completely, loves your perfection and imperfection, loves you unconditionally, and promises to stay by your side forever. S/he also takes up the role of guardian angels and your friend angels and shows you every new day that you are the most precious part of her/his life and you experience the most beautiful emotion of the world called "LOVE", and as you grow old each moment s/he keeps validating that "LOVE IS FOREVER". With this strong power with you, you pass all the hurdles of your life. You feel blessed and you keep moving on your beautiful journey and live your life fully!

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Suman Choudhary
Suman Choudhary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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