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I m possible

Dream Big,
Help others,
Cook the laughter
Harvest the joy
Dance the future
Change the technology
Breathe your thoughts
Fly into your dreamland
Paradise the earth
Pollinate with your ideas
Wing your aspirations
Alas!!! It's impossible!

I will take you to a slice from my life. It was 1994. I went to Shri Jagdish Bhai Patel, who was the Founder of Blind s Association, Ahmedabad (at that time it was called Blind Men's Association or BMA). Since BMA was located just opposite to my office I walked down casually to meet with Mr. Patel not much aware of his amazing abilities. Mr. Patel was blind and had paralysis in half of his body. He was unable to walk and unable to see, but in contrast, he had incomparable skills in seeing and developing . It was difficult to listen to him also (due to paralysis, he could not speak properly), yet it was compelling to listen to him. Once I was asking him about his dreams about future and he said that he wants to train blind people in computers. Computers!!! It simply struck me. I thought probably I was wrong. I asked, "Are you talking about computers?" He asserted, "Yes, Computers! I want blind people to learn to use computers. They can learn computers like normal people do and they can also work on computers like normal people do. I want them to do what normal people can do...." He kept saying, but I was lost in some thoughts. "It's impossible", I said to myself. How will blind people learn computers? Who will teach them computers? I didn't say anything, but I found myself unable to digest what Shri Patel had been telling me. I was almost cut off in the conversation. How can his dream come true? I didn't say on his face, but I was wondering whether this dream will ever get fulfilled. Honestly, I was also struggling with computers.
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In 1994, computers had fewer programs. They looked black and white. DOS was the operating system and beautiful MS Windows had not opened by that time. I also fainted before computer which was really a terrible machine by that time. Those who used to teach computers, used to scare people about the possibility of damage to the computers if wrong command would be entered by chance. I used to use computers with utmost caution. I learned a little bit of WP (word perfect), lotus123, and dbase. I was able to remember a few DOS commands also. Computers seemed to be a great tool indeed, because I was able to prepare my bibliography using computers. However, I was not able to visualize any blind person using computers for his bread and butter.

Time passed by and I visited BMA (now it is called BPA) again after about 15 years. I was taken to a computers lab, which was managed by blind people. The trainer was a blind person and the students were also blind people. A lady was trying to tell me about all the softwares that the blind people were using, but I was stuck and lost again thinking about Mr. Patel. The words of Mr. Patel were again echoing in my ears. They were much louder and clearer this time - "Yes, Computers! I want blind people to learn to use computers. They can learn computers like normal people do and they can also work on computers like normal people do. I want them to do what normal people can do..." I just wanted to pay my regards to Mr. Patel, but it was impossible now. Mr. Patel had left me with memories that have changed me completely. Yes! It was me, who was thinking "It's impossible". Let us think impossible. Let us visualize what others fail to dream. Let us join together to create a future for our dreams. We can make it happen.
We all are slaves of our own vision. Most human beings have limitations that they visualize which they are able to see. Our future is evolved on the basis of our technologies, resources and capabilities. A few of us, who can dream out of the box, help us by developing technologies, beyond what we can visualize. These technologies help us in preparing a better future and we are able to do something we couldn't even dream. I now realize that it is the new generation that has done miracles in the field of technologies. They have done it because they could visualize a dream bigger than our existing world. They could make it happen because they don't say "it's impossible" and they create possibilities for a more user friendly technology.

Dream really BIG, Help others,
It's just possible,
You just dream it
You just delve on it
You just breathe it
You just live it
You just share it
For a better future

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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