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The answer lies within

To say that the last one week was awful would be an understatement. It was hell. I even contemplated the EXTREME, all because of a BETRAYAL- a betrayal of trust, loyalty and friendship. Was it even a genuine friendship? I have my doubts right now.

Sometimes you end up investing too much of your time and affection in a relationship that when you lose it everything else becomes trivial. It was gloom everywhere. I didn't know where to go. It seemed like there were masks everywhere; masked beings just faking as friends.
the answer lies within,loyalty
I do agree that I am different but that doesn't mean that people can treat me like s**t. And, then came the answer that I was looking for, like a sudden flash. It gave me a sense of calmness, the calm after the storm. And what a relief it was; just one of those WOW moments.

The world has become one big market place where each of us fights for survival. It seems like an era where DARWIN's theory of survival of the fittest truly finds its place. It's your own battle. Take charge, rise up and live your dreams. It isn't going to be one smooth journey to the finish line. It is going to be tough alright. There are going to be masked relationships along the way. But there will always be people who look out and care for you .You will go through your own period of turbulence. The trick in those times is to just wait it out. This too shall pass. Live your life on your own terms. Build your life so that other people can be a part of it even as I embark on my own journey with RENEWED CONFIDENCE.

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Salesh Dipak
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