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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Summit is a global platform to share experience, learning & innovations in entrepreneurship & exploring the global opportunities.

GES is the World's largest entrepreneurship summit specially focused on global business scenario, emerging startups, women entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, global brand creation, innovations in entrepreneurship & many more interactive sessions by renowned top leading industrialists, global business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, chairman, CEO & MD of reputed organizations across the globe who will gather and share their experiences.

GES will provide a high level networking platform offering opportunities for networking with business delegations from across the world & for Indian industry to interface with world statesmen, business leaders, academia, policy-makers, decision makers & media leaders & will bring together business Delegations from all over the world Including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, France etc.


1. To create a global platform for sharing of experiences, achievements, learning & innovative approach in the field of entrepreneurship that can revolutionize the global economy.
2. Entrepreneurial globalization through bridging the gap between entrepreneurs & global network.
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1. Gathering of leading High-profile Professionals, businessmen, decision makers, government policy makers & professors to share their experience, learn & exchange ideas, achievements & success.
2. Global innovative themes from the world renowned chairman, Managing directors, CEO, COO, CFO, noble laureates & emeritus professors from the prestigious organizations across the world.
3. Global branding & Networking opportunities
4. Media Interactions
5. exploring partners for sustain projects and funding & global expansion
6. Global partnership, I2I, B2B, JV & High Level meetings.
7. Collaborations & MOU signing Ceremony.
8. Global Excellence Awards & life time achievements awards
9. Awareness of new trends and innovations.
10. Country & states presentation
11. Networking Dinner
12. Global launch pad
13. Young entrepreneurs summit
14. GES - EXPO 2014


The GES will focus the moderated key note speeches on key issues & challenges for advancing entrepreneurship, including;
1. Innovation based technopreneurship
2. Successful journey as an entrepreneur- motivational experiences
3. Bio-entrepreneurship
4. Healthcare entrepreneurship
5. Catalyzing the youth entrepreneurship
6. Empowering the Women entrepreneurship
7. Building a global entrepreneurial ecosystem
8. Social entrepreneurship
9. Global entrepreneurship : opportunities, planning & challenges
10. Creating tomorrow's game changers
11. Global Brand creation
12. Start up: challenges, sustainability & opportunities
13. Role of government: growth & empowering the entrepreneurship
14. Business globalization: global value chain
15. From a Family business to global economy
16. Conquering the global recession through entrepreneurship

GES2014-ISSA Conference - Details


When your company exhibits at GES-EXPO 2014, you receive access to the GLOBAL PARTNERING NETWORK (GPN) System as part of your exhibit space package and your partnering meetings are held in your branded exhibit booth. Exhibitor Booth Partnering allows your company to have pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings with your company's thought leaders and brand is unified in the GES-EXPO 2014.

While delegates who register for Partnering can also have private meetings in the GLOBAL PARTNERING CEREMONY at GES2014, exhibitor booth partner meetings must take place in the GES-EXPO 2014, and the number of meetings you can host is determined by the size of your booth.


It's a special program to highlight the new products, innovative technologies, companies & organization at global level. For more information kindly write to or visit

Spotlight Your Business: Deliver a Company Presentation at GES2014.
Presenting at the SPOTBIZZ is the unique platform for exploring the global business and chance to increase your visibility and attract more partners at the GES2014. Pitch your company's success story, pipelines, and objectives to a global audience representing over 80+ countries. Be heard by business development executives, investors, research analysts, policy makers, and the media, and get more activity in the GLOBAL PARTNERING NETWORK (GPN).

Company presenters tend to receive double the number of requests than non-presenters, and schedule twice as many meetings than non-presenting companies. For more information, SPOTBIZZ registration & speech submission, kindly write to


1. Generate more Partnering meetings with top corporate executives from the world known companies, and investors from public and private markets.
2. Presentations are open to all GES attendees, providing a global reach for your company's story and objectives.
3. Present to representatives from the word's top companies. Catch their presentations too!
4. Company Presentations are promoted on the GES webpages, myGES, in printed promotional materials, and within the GPN System.


1. Read the Presentation FAQs properly
2. Register for GES 2014
3. Company Presenters: Steps to Register
4. Company Presenters: How to Add a Presentation
5. Submit a Company Presentation Application


This is a great way to reach out to a global audience to increase your visibility in the corporate world, as well as create more partnering meetings with investors and executives. Presenting companies tend to receive more than twice the amount of meeting requests than non-presenting companies, and end up scheduling close to twice as many meetings!

You can visit for more details...

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