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Positive Attitude

How many of us, of the higher age bracket, will not agree that facing everyday life can be very challenging? I remember when I was a child of about 4 or 5 years old and thinking how hard it was to climb the tall pine tree in my back yard. Whoa baby....that was easy compared to the "mountains" I have had to climb since then. Still, I did whatever I had to do, to make it to that lower limb so that I could sit in the high limbs along with my brother and sister who had already reached their quest. Challenging? Yes. But... when there is a will... as they say... there is a way. Eventually, I did make it with some stretching and grunting and I did sit proudly on the limb with my brother and sister. positive attitude,challenge When I look back at this challenge, I took a moment to figure out what I had needed to be the "big girl" and reach my goal of sitting in the tree with my siblings. Was it all about determination and strength? Finally I decided that it was about having a "positive" attitude. I was positively sure that I could make it up and onto the limb.

As I gazed up at my siblings already sitting in the tree, even when they were saying I was "too sissy" to try to climb the tree, I still saw myself swinging my legs as I sat proudly on that limb. I was not a "sissy," just needed to "see" what I wanted to do and then "see" myself doing it.

This in a nutshell is kind of how we have to deal with the challenges we face in our everyday lives, whether we are teenagers, young adults, middle-aged or elderly. We are going to face challenges. With a positive attitude and "seeing" where we will be or what we will be doing can go a long way in helping us to find the solution to our problem at hand and then be successful or at least content.

What about you? Can you "see" yourself through some of the challenges you face if you had a "positive" attitude? Share your thoughts with us...


I am going to be brave; I am going to be strong,
I will face my problems head-on.
I will sit and think before I act on what I will do,
And I will do what I have to do with a positive attitude.

Even if I do not fully understand the problem or all the reasons why,
Nothing is going to be accomplished if I don't try.
I will see myself at the end, with each step I take,
I will see myself at the end, with any progress I make.

And even if the problems do not go away,
I will still see myself succeeding in getting through another day.
A positive attitude will help me with each problem I will face.
A positive attitude will keep me trying and my efforts not waste.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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