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Mankind on Mars - Will India be the reason?

The day has come where even a child is curious to know about SPACE! All of us dream of reaching space at least for a minute in our lives. But, have we ever thought of how it feels to be there or what it takes to be there, and the efforts behind reaching there? Imagine the efforts of our scientists reaching there! I always dreamt of reaching another planet out there and having lived there. The technology grew further to understand what's happening in space through launch of artificial satellites. These satellites are useful for research purposes, understanding the atmosphere, weather satellites help scientists study weather patterns, navigation satellites enable operators of aircraft, ships, and land vehicles to determine the accurate locations, and artificial satellites also orbit the moon, the sun, the asteroids and the planets to mainly gather information about the bodies they orbit.

It brings so much of happiness when we get the information about what's happening in Space without even reaching there but with the help of these satellites. What would be the happiness of the scientists who launched it, and the pride feeling the mankind will carry? One such pride feeling we all should carry today because of this terrific vision of the Indian Prime Minister- Shri Narendra Modi and all the scientists and every human from across the globe as India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) - MANGALYAAN, with a booming roar, rocked into the orbit of the Red Planet on September 24th, 2014 at 4:08am EST (09:08 GMT) from the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
Mankind on Mars - Will India be the reason,nasa,isro
MANGALYAAN is the India's first ever mission to Mars, to study the Atmosphere of Mars and for future explorations of Mars. With a price tag of $74 million, the Mars Orbiter Mission cost just a fraction of $671 million NASA spent on its MAVEN spacecraft. Nearly two thirds of the 51 Mission ever launched to Mars have failed.

What an immense pleasure it is to know that India is the first country in the world to reach the Mars' orbit in its first attempt (Although, the fourth country after the former Soviet Union, the United States and Europe and the first Asian country to launch a satellite around mars along with the financial constraints that the country has. This success has helped India show up to assert itself as a regional space-power that not only markets itself as a low-cost hub, but also as a country that can set the agenda for regional cooperation. A proof that nothing can stop an achievement from happening, if there is knowledge, strong determination and the belief to make it happen. Mankind is the strongest form of a living being to do anything in the world, be it creation or destruction. Creation creates visions and destruction destroys them. We need to be the reason for more such creation of visions and the country is proud to have one such visionary as its leader, Shri Narendra Modi. Such leaders have now become the need for every nation to bring its visions to reality. Once again, Heartiest Congratulations to the scientists who were the reason behind the launch of the mission and every human for the achievement of mankind!! The world looks forward to see the upcoming step from India towards Man's Civilization on Mars.

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