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WOW (Words of Wisdom) from the professionals

The IU1010 superstars of Season 6 went around different companies of the Silicon city to survey what the young professionals had to say on some of the key aspects of corporate world, experience, and industrial-academic gap as listed below;

Changes experienced in the corporate world:

Corporate world is a different world altogether when compared to college environment. Professionalism is at a different level in corporate world and there is lot of competition to be faced. To reach a higher position one has to cross many hurdles and wait a lot. Recognition for work comes slow and encouragement is scarce to come by. Work comes first and humanitarian qualities take a back seat at workplace. First company is the stepping stone of life. Things learnt in college are just like basics but what happens in the company has more practicality and reality than what's learnt earlier. It gives confidence to move forward in life. What we had dreamt and what we are doing will never match because one needs experience to face that. Here every day is an exam, unlike in college, where it's only once in a month or semester wise exams take place.
WOW (Words of Wisdom) from the professionals,corporate world
Industrial-Academic Gap:

A very meagre percentage of what is learnt in college is actually applied in work, and hence everything has to be learnt the hard way. You are to be held responsible for your work and any errors are not tolerated. There exists a wide gap between the educational system and the industrial requirements that the professionals face. During the first year after recruitment, the recruits are treated as interns and given a certain amount of lenience in their work. After those initial months, employees are expected to suddenly handle work related situations with absolute professionalism and the scrutinizing is very stern. Whatever one has studied is really useful, but one needs practical knowledge at the same time; things learnt in college are not considered in interviews. College study is really useful if you have done your course according to the post you like to be in. Much of the education lacks technicality that's required for the job. Studies are only bookish and with less practical knowledge. Only few things are applicable in work life.

Changes that happen after first year of working:

There will be changes compared to the first year. First year when you are learning the ropes, when you are working on a project, it takes more time initially and as you gain experience, this can be avoided. One might not be trained in the field which one wanted to work in because factors like position, seniority, etc., come into consideration. One has to impress superiors with the best work to get noticed. This fashion of evaluation tends to have an impact on performance. In the first few months when the level of enthusiasm is high, people give their best, but gradually not many sustain it. In the second year, people start to expose to more knowledge and become comfortable with work. As a fresher one will be less confident but as time passes by one will gain confidence and become more self-dependent. In first year people concentrate on learning and meeting targets but later on, they start to exceed the same target. At first we will be more excited and enthusiastic and we try to work more and give our best but it finally results in more work pressure and we will be piled up with more work again.
Advice to the college youth on how to make the most of their college time so that they can make the most of their work life as well:

Apart from bookish knowledge they should develop personality like soft skills, communication skills, and right attitudes. Students have to plan and execute. Everybody has his/her own dreams. To achieve their dreams they have to work hard to reach their destination. They have to stop using shortcuts to achieve success. Till you settle after completion of your college you will realise how much difficult life is. Youth shouldn't prepare only for exams and forget it after exams; you should prepare for your future. You can achieve your dreams only if you have strong determination and commitment towards your goal. Always expect career. Do not expect salary. Be much of a co-curricular person and do some add-on and professional courses. Do your P.G. and then get into a company. Better position and better salary will follow. Do not stick to the theory of syllabus alone. Gain more exposure and always implement your studies practically. NEVER ARGUE WITH YOUR MENTORS. Always meet your targets and exceed them too. Never pretend to be the one who you are not as a person, and always be transparent. A graduate going in for recruitment should be well aware of the particular field he is interested in as there is no turning back once you enter a particular field of the sector. You should also have a definite set of short-term goals. Going with the wind may not be the wisest thing to do always. Being enthusiastic and inching towards the set goals might take you to the desired position. Have more of practical approach, and attend internships, because corporate is all about being practical. In order to make the work atmosphere a better one, the morals of the employees must be high, which should be instilled at a very young age of an individual.

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