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Dream before you scream it loud, take the first step

It was a brilliant start to the Thursday morning to Diya, listening to her mom sing an old 80's song as she was making the breakfast. Her mom was a great singer and a brilliant cook. It's sure you can guess the breakfast if I said she was a South Indian. Yes, it is Idli Sambar. 

Idli Sambar was her dad's favourite breakfast too. He returned from a morning walk with a newspaper. Then while having tea he called Diya and asked "How's your studies going?" She replied "Going good dad!" but the truth was diya was having trouble to cope up with the hectic syllabus of IIT/JEE preparations. She had her mid exams and she had done miserable. She did not know what to do. 
It continued for somedays. She was losing her self confidence and there were just 3 months left for the main exams. One day, Diya's grand mom finds her being worried and calls her to the balcony where she did Yoga. She does not ask her "How's you studies going?" but instead says "I have a surrpise for you". Diya gets excited and screams "What is it Ajji ( grand ma ), tell me ". Grand Ma says come sit next to me and do as I say, I have solution to all your worries"

Diya sits next to grand ma and looks at her face & asks what are you doing? Grand ma says "Diya, close your eyes and forget about everything that's happening in your life, just listen to your heartbeat and dream about how will you be on your next birthday? The achievements of yours, the people around you. Meditate and direct the dream in your mind & then open you eyes once you are satisfied."

Diya follows as her grandma says and closes her eyes to then meditate. 15 minutes pass, 30 minutes done, 45 minutes are up but she is still meditating and then as it's an hour Diya is found to be lying on the floor. Grand ma sees her and thinks that she is quit meditation and has gone to sleep. She walks out to grab a glass of water and calls her son to take Diya to room and make her sleep.

As her dad walks close to her and tries to lift her up, there is a sudden rise of Diya. Grand Ma and her dad gets shocked to see her rise spontaneous. Dad asks her "What happened diya, is everything OK? " She says yes and Grand Ma comes close and takes diya to make her sit on the chair. Gives the water and talks to her in private. "Diya, were you meditating or sleeping ?" 
Diya says "Grandma I was dreaming of my future and I could see...... she kept sharing all her awesome experiences of becoming the topper, getting good grades, joining the IIT and all friends congratulating her & as she finally says - but grand ma in reality nothing is true, I am bad at studying and unable to follow anything taught in class." 

Grandma says " Baby, you have dreamt a beautiful future and all that is true & possible. I say TAKE THE FIRST STEP". Diya, gets inspired and says, "grandma what's the first step you think I should take?" 

Grandma replies -

Walk the path you choose to travel,
For once in your dreams,
Take the first step towards a mirracle,
Write your journey with loud screams,
... THE FIRST STEP is say " I CAN, I WILL ."

Diya, for next 3 months gets to focus on her exams and starts to dream with confidence. What made the difference was her first step. 

I ask you what was her first step? "THERE IS A SURPRISE FOR YOU".

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Chetan Yallapurkar
Chetan Yallapurkar is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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