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The art of having fun

The speed of today gives us no time to evaluate our progress. We've become a machines that create motion without any emotion. When you look at the people around and their stories, most scare you. You must be feeling worried of what's gonna be my future like. Don't you worry as I will share the art of having fun.
Art Of Having Fun
First things first. What makes you happy? It's important for each of us to know our passion or hobbies that give us happiness. Once you know what it is, it's about putting it into the daily activities.

If you want to know what these could possibly mean, let me share how I find the happiness and have fun along way.

  • Smile to people around - It's the best thing in life to exchange smile. Even if at the beginning you don't get a smile back, don't worry it's contagious, they will start to smile. It's powerful and beautiful. Have fun smiling.
  • Greet people with love - It could be your friends or strangers, give respect and greet them with a little confidence and say "You are looking good today" . Trust me everybody on this planet is beautiful. It's important to make our way of looking things positive.
  • Play sports - What I do is just hit to play badminton & that's the place where you relax and have a lot of toxin out of your body.
  • Be fit - Health is wealth, so give importance to your health. Do some walks or hit the gym.
  • Travel - I believe if you want true happiness and experience freedom, you must travel. Short trips or long, first pack your bag and get off your comfort zone.
  • Music - The best thing in today's world is music that gives you sense of relaxation and happiness. Create a folder of your favourite songs & listen to them. Be yourself and have fun.
So, it's time you don't keep running the race. Wait for a second and think, have fun with small little things and enjoy the beautiful life. I always say "Life is truly the best thing happened on earth, it's upto us to make it beautiful."

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Chetan Yallapurkar
Chetan Yallapurkar is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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