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Multi Faceted Achiever - Priya Chavan

While many said “You cannot excel in multiple disciplines”, she only felt pity about them and moved on to become a successful entrepreneur, a distinguished academician, a Corporate Honcho, a talented dancer, a Motivational Speaker, a Fitness Expert, a Nutritionist, a Model and an author. Meet this Multi Talented and Multi Faceted achiever - Priya Chavan from Mumbai, born in a middle class, conservative Maharshtrian family, which was academic-oriented and would only encourage their daughters to become doctors and engineers.

Although academically she secured 89% in SSC 91% in HSC, and with Bachelors in Pharmacy and Masters in Business Management, joining the Corporate world in Marketing in pharmaceutical Industry, she felt that a woman’s position is still secondary to a man in the corporate world. There was discrimination, and acceptance of a woman as a working professional, ambitious and independent was not that great among her male counterparts. Yet, she fought against this and raced up the corporate ladder in Multi National Companies.
Priya Chavan
From a secure well paid and comfortable job, she dared to venture all alone into the world of business by establishing her own Fitness Centre 'Priya’s Wellness' in prime suburb of Mumbai. While she faced a lot of resistance and criticism from her family about her decision to quit a highly paid job to start a business from the scratch, she only listened to her inner calling and without any support, she started her own venture with her savings, skills, passion, hardwork and dynamism.

A 1st generation entrepreneur, who trains, counsells people of all ages in Fitness ranging from Yoga, Dance as a Fitness Form, Nutrition, Meditation, Functional raining, Kick boxing is Priya. A team of trainers are being lead by her Leadership. She is also actively involved in conducting seminars/workshops on Health, Entrepreneurship, Law of Attraction, Yoga, Nutrition, Dance in Corporates as well as individually spreading  a message of significance of good health, success, entrepreneurship.

She attributes her love of fitness to a remarkable achievement of losing 35 kgs in a year's time while she realized the benefits of fitness, healthy living and decided to create the same awareness in others. This is the story behind  Priya’s Wellness Centre.

Having done her Nritya Visharad in Kathak Classical Dance from Gandharva Mahavidyalay under the guidance of eminent mentors like Guru Gopi Krishna, Pt Bireshwar Gautam and Pt Kalinath Mishra, she claims to be a professional Kathak Dancer, having done more than 100 shows all over India. Her love for dance pushed her to learn more forms of Dance - Western, Bollywood, Zumba, Folk and more. From a reserved girl in her school days to becoming a fiery, ambitious achiever says it all. While many call her ‘a Powerhouse of Energy’, she makes sure that such compliments make her work harder and stay result oriented.
While the world coaches to focus only on a single task, she defends herself by saying Multi Tasking and Dynamism are her God gifted strengths and she ensures to use them constructively and productively to fulfill her dreams.“Reading biographies of achievers in all walks of life, listening to them is a motivation to push oneself towards growth”, says Priya. An expert in organizing, planning and time management, she makes sure that life is adventurous at every step so that she can excel at taking calculated risks and she also marks, “Age is a number. You can achieve anything in any age if you want to. If you desire something strongly from your heart, the entire universe conspires to help you”.

A strong believer of family values, also determined to create her own identity, she feels she has just started and has a long way to go. To ensure that she passes on her lessons, she has decided to pen down her memories in her book “My Incredible Journey”.

A strong leader who is ready to guide every passionate person towards growth, is open to get connected at

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