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In search of that breeze

Do you know the breeze that drifts across
Soothing minds and souls?
It's not one of those breezes of the
Storms and hurricanes.
Instead, it was like a symphony amidst chaos,
A healing medicine to wounds.
It could put a bustling mind at serenity;
It could make you smile in your gloomy days.
The breeze that made your day, just being around, just being a part.
In Search of Breeze
I was enthralled and enchanted by it.
There was everything I admired about it.
But there's one thing that was inevitable.
The breeze was a guest; always a guest.
It couldn't stay, forever.
But while it was there, it made sure it lightened up
People's life, my life.
And then walk away, leaving behind a void
That was very difficult to be filled.
Little did it know the impact it had on people,
It was very difficult to give upon it.
I wished everyday, for a way to make it stay.
Because the void it left behind was irrevocable.

But I knew it was a juvenile effort.
I knew I had to let it go, because it was never mine.
And I did, serene at the fact that
I had the privilege of experiencing it, knowing it.
And the happiness, it gave me,
I knew I couldn't have asked for more.
I let it go and it drifted away from me
As if we were strangers; as if we had never met.
May be that's how it was supposed to end;
we shall keep it that way.

But I can't help it; till today in the stretch of tranquility,
I always find myself searching for its noise,
which always sounds like a melody to me.

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