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My Amiable Wife

She is my life's only passion,
She taught me how to have compassion,
I cannot bear her separation,
She is modern in outlook,
Yet far away from the so-called fashion.

She is all love personified,
She has made my life simplified,
Eradicated my all insipidness,
I am moved by her kindness.
My Amiable Wife
Before meeting her,
I was little serious and coy,
But after meeting her,
My life has become full of laughter and joy.
Without her, life seems out of the question,
With no exuberance and liveliness,
With no amusement and fun.
When she is with me,
Life moves per se full throttle.

Her smile is enough to cure my all headaches,
I need not to take anything like 'D'Cold Total.'
If God allows me,
I would like to be with her for eternity,
I do not know how much I love her.

I can tell only one word
That may be near it is- 'infinity'
Never separate her for a long time,
Oh God, as she reminds me of your divinity.

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