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Sumptuous Blessings!

Feel if you can the showering droplets of rain,
Bleak atmosphere around you, with thrilling phase,
Falling every drop like shining pearl from oyster,
Immaculate every soul and field with treasure!!
Sumptuous Blessings!
Swish fresh air, redolent every where,
Fragrance of wetlands blooming and covering spheres,
See if you can, the viridity full of life,
Every species coming out in exuberance with more delight!!

What an amazing flourish way of susception is rain,
If you can see, how life is eager to grab this gain,

How god has chosen an adorable way to spread happiness with his blessings,
Get blessed with this sumptuous gift, because it gives calm and ecstatic feelings.!!

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Hira Khan
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