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The Dark Knight

It's a tale of some chivalry and sadness
Of a man so lonely, so brave and his greatness
Remembering those moments we often feel good and bright
Moments he gifted to us ,with hard fought grounds and trys

And its time, now we know, that he is the one who holds our pride upright
And its isn't just a step but a stride,he takes everytime
Like biblical flood stunning the ordinary,his prowess is the only light
Together he keeps the faith of millions unfazed
The Dark Knight
Holding tight his game,his big game
But the road isn't easy,the attacks grievous of sumptuous hopes and gains
No doubt ,tears are shed everytime ,such "reluctant to be" fallacies are broken
And nobody but only he knows right ,for he stands

There to smile at the applauses a few time but smiling at losses a few times many
..... And sometimes sorrows make theirway
Through small crevices unseen but felt on distress either ways
The dams in those fearless eyes are broken

But this is how his legends shall be
Not lost in history but finding a place in it
Inspiring the game,the cause he stands for and the virtues that only bested it.

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