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Say WAH - War Against Hunger

People are talking about priorities before the government. A few people are depicting achievements of the present government vis a vis the past governments, while the opponents are busy in raising their demand for greater reservations, greater funding for the poor and greater allocations for the so called backwards. But everyone (whether from BJP or from Congress) should agree that we should raise a "War Against Hunger" and make it the top priority. 
War Against Hunger
In 1993 the photograph of a small Sudanese child and a vulture took everyone by horror. The photographer Mr. Kevin Carter got the Pulitzer award, but he was criticized for depicting the dark side of our planet.  Recently a malnutritioned boy was kept alive by a dog in Chile because the mother of the child didn’t take care of the child. A photograph is getting viral on WhatsApp where hungry children are taking scraps from the street waste in order to feed themselves. Hunger remains the world’s number one enemy and we humans are responsible for this problem. Hunger is not a problem of Africa, or Asia or other under-developed region. It is a global problem and our number one challenge. Hunger is not the issue only before photographers like Kevin Carter, but it is the issue before every sensible person living on this earth. Hunger should definitely be the number one priority before the Government of India also. There is no dearth of money – because we have seen that Commonwealth Games could take away budget to the tune of over Rs. 60000 Crores. If there is a will, there are floodgates of resources. Who will create a desire on the part of government of India to raise a War Against Hunger?  When will we start evaluating every decision on the criteria of “Impact on War Against Hunger”? When will we give “War Against Hunger” our top priority?

The problem of Hunger is due to our own policy defects. We have created large government departments employing thousands of officers for framing policies, rules, regulations, which are actually stifling the real nation. If we can close these departments one by one, we can save huge amount and save people from the clutches of these bureaucrats, administrators, policy makers and politicians, who only aspire to create greater and greater regulations for regulating the life of ordinary persons. Closing down one department would save huge money and will also divert the talent towards more important issues, which will enable the government to focus on law and order and other issues, which the governments should now start addressing at least.

Hungry children have a voice, listen through them
Hungry animals have tears, peep through them
Hungry crowd have anguish, understand their pain
When will I get educated?  The test is simple,
Can I understand Hunger?
Can I weep for the Hungry?
Can I feel the Hunger?
Can I stay myself to let a Hungry take the feed?
Can I take a decision to enable a person to feed?
An Educated person knows that – “You are not known for how many bread you ate, but you are known for how many breads you offered to the Hungry?”
Let’s re-fabricate our education
The present government has caught the fancy of ordinary persons by coining the phrases like “Skill India”; however, what needs to be done is to break the government machinery, which only creates red-tape and hurdles for edupreneurs.

Every time the government talks about “Land Acquisition Bill” I fear that the farmers will have less of land and the problems of poverty will aggravate further with every acquisition of land by the government. What is the result of acquisition of land? More constructions, more roads, more concrete, more buildings – which would mean less and less space for forests, farmers and ecology, which would result in more deaths due to hunger. One government is planning to set up a new Capital city and has identified a huge fertile land for this purpose. Over the next decade, the fertile land will be converted into a jungle of concrete buildings depriving billions of lives of their eco-system. Will it solve the problem of hunger? Let us discourage everyone who is planning to cut a tree - even if he is planning it on the pretext of construction of road. Let us discourage every “land acquisition” – even if that acquisition results in construction of new cities. Let us welcome and respect great initiatives like AkshayPatra (who are trying to distribute food to millions of people every day – a War Against Hunger). Let us welcome all those, who are running “Empty plate campaign” to save food for others.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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