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Why not from animals?

Many a times, I feel bad about my life because of the wrong decisions that I had taken and for the consequences of it. Somehow, I am capable to move on in, thanks to the inspiring & inspired persons of the world.Yes, those are the people who relentlessly made me to think the positive aspects in my life and to feel positive about it. With due respect to them, I just now started to think and feel positive. Now, I see inspiration everywhere, everytime in my life. It is not that I mean people alone when I say inspiration, I mean Animals too. Here, I am going to describe an incident in my life which is in one way, the result of the positive feeling I have developed in myself.
Inspiration from animals
It was a fine evening in the busy roads of Chennai with sun starting to take rest and moon preparing for action. My friends and I decided to have a cup of tea and went for a nearby roadside tea shop. We ordered for tea and in between we just had a bajji each. As we all are aware, street dogs are ubiquitous in India and Chennai is not an exception, there was a dog running around us for a piece of  bajji. I just pinched a part in mine and threw to it,to the fast response from the dog. It was then, I started to notice that dog clearly and deeply. It was a handicapped one. At that time I didn't feel much about it only to think deeply when I was relaxing in my room later.

I  started to think deeeply about this incident back in my home that what made the dog in spite of its physical disability to survive ,to strike back in its life. Many might say it was because of the hunger or need for food that made it to survive. Perhaps,it is true when we have a general look over this, but I find that there is still more, apart from the hunger, since that dog had already used to feel hungry from its birth. I found out that the dog didn't really had a thought about its physical disability. Yes, in other words I can say that the dog has more mental stability. As I said earlier, since the dog is used to hunger; this thought is ingrained in its mind that whatever may be the situation it will try to search and have food for itself. 

Now, I try to relate this incident in human life scenario and that forms the crux of this writing according to me. Think of the same situation wherein a physically disabled person or a person who thinks he/she has lot of problems in their life. Their main problem that they couldn't shine in their life is that they think only about the problem. Of course,we have exceptional physically disabled persons who have achieved in their life, needs to be celebrated and they when you observe will never have that Problem Only Thinking. I think and strongly believe, thoughts results in action and one's way of thinking has profound influence in its action. And thats why when anyone thinks about his problem many a times ,it will get into his/her mind and that will manifest itself in the form of actions which will soon drown the person in the problem itself. In order to be sucessful in our life we should think only about our goals or aims, all the time so that whatever hurdles comes in our life couldn't actually hurt us as we don't know what a hurdle is ,thereby eventually passing out sucessfully, without knowing it happening.

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B Sriram
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