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How to Web Conference 2016

How to Web Conference 2016 is organized in partnership with IXIA Romania, Bitdefender and Telekom Romania, and will take place on November 1st & 2nd at the The National Theatre of Bucharest. 1000+ tech professionals from 100+ global companies are expected to attend the 7th edition of the conference, a special one that celebrates tech startups from all around Europe. Very early bird tickets for How to Web Conference 2016 are available until September 23rd!
How to Web Conference 2016
How to Web Startup Spotlight is inviting applications from the most promising tech startups in  eHealth sector, hardware industry, Big Data and Analytics, B2B platforms, Fintech (financial services, payments, insurance, financing, infrastructure, advisory), Cyber Security (application security, enterprise security, defense, disaster recovery), or Gaming & Entertainment (social, games, content discovery, augmented reality, virtual reality), Agrotech, Education and others. 

The startups that will be selected to attend the program will receive tailored support and will attend 1 on 1 meetings with mentors and professionals carefully chosen to fit their development needs. Applications are open by September 25th.

Successful startup founders share their stories this November at How to Web Conference 2016

Tech founders that have built global companies from scratch will share their impressive stories on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2016. Vassil Terziev, founder of Telerik, Madalina Seghete, the mastermind behind Branch Metrics or Robert Knapp, founder and CEO of CyberGhost VPN will share their startup journey with the tech community. Reaching it’s 7th edition, How to Web Conference will take place on November 1 and 2 at the National Theatre in Bucharest and will celebrate startups from all over Europe. Very early bird tickets for How to Web Conference 2016 are available on the event’s website by September 23.

Organized in partnership with IXIA, Bitdefender, Telekom Romania and Cyberghost, How to Web Conference 2016 is an event dedicated to tech startups from all over Europe and a meeting place for 1000+ tech professionals from 100+ global companies. The attendees will get the opportunity to discuss business innovation with top stakeholders in the tech industry and to get inspired by the journey of 200+ startup founders who have built billion dollars companies from scratch.

Vassil Terziev from Telerik shares business experiences at How to Web Conference 2016

Vassil Terziev founded Telerik back in 2002. Under his leadership, the startup turned into a global provider of software solutions with 130k clients and 9 offices across 7 countries. He successfully exited in 2014 to Progress Software (NASDAQ:PGRS) and he is now responsible for the long term growth strategy of Progress Software as Chief Innovation Officer. He’s a hands-on leader who believes every Progress employee and customer success contributes to making the world a little bit better and he is going to deliver a keynote speach duringHow to Web conference 2016 to present his story from idea to exit and beyond.. 

Madalina Seghete, Branch Metrics, on how to do much with very little
How to Web Conference 2016
Romanian born and raised, Madalina Seghete studied engineering at Cornell and Stanford in the US. She is the mastermind behind Branch Metrics, a startup that provides free deep linking technology to mobile app developers and marketers. Madalina has led the successful closing of a 35 million USD Series B round for her startup. She will speak about challenges, the gratefulness of building something brand new and growing it, and what makes her entrepreneurial experience so exciting.

Robert Knapp, CyberGhost, a different kind of entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur who started his first venture at the age of 16, Robert Knapp is the Founder & CEO of CyberGhost VPN, one of the best VPN providers worldwide with more than 5 million users. German at origins, Robert chose Romania as home country for his startup, and he believes that success heavily relies on happiness. During How to Web Conference 2016 he will discuss how you can build a successful cybersecurity business from Romania. 

200+ tech startup founders will get together this November at How to Web Conference 2016. 50 of them will be showcasing their products on the main stage of the event as part of How to Web Startup Spotlight, deal-making program for promising seed-stage European startups. The list of persons that will be attending How to Web Conference 2016 is available on the conference website.
How to Web Conference 2016
About How To Web

How to Web Conference is the most important conference on tech innovation and entrepreneurship in South Eastern Europe, organized with the support of IXIA,  Telekom Romania, Bitdefender, Cyberghost and hub:raum. The conference brings together startup founders, investors, accelerators, product managers, developers, online marketers & community leaders from all around the CEE. More details about this year’s event and the startup program are available online on the conference website 

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