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IoT Security Summit 2016

Build New Relationships & Partnerships at IoT Security Summit
IoT Security Summit was born last year after the security track at our sister-event, Internet of Things World, the largest IoT event,  received an overwhelmingly positive response from industry experts. Building on a successful first year, we are excited to continue this event in a growing industry.
IoT Security Summit 2016
October 17 - 19, 2016
Hynes Convention Center,
Boston, MA

Participate in Learning Labs

Bringing leading innovators & experts together to discuss and debate hypothetical, but specific security challenges, hacks and pain points, these interactive sessions provide an effective platform for open, informal discussion to aid additional networking, learning and problem-solving around sensitive IoT security and privacy concerns.

Attend Blockchain360

Learn from experts and thought leaders about how Blockchain will shape industries beyond the financial markets. You will also have the chance to pose your questions in roundtable discussions, meet the top Blockchain companies, and participate in workshops.

Party like an IoT Security Expert

Network with your favorite speaker or a potential client and unwind over delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • One Full Day of Blockchain
  • Two Full Days of IoT Security and Privacy
    • One Day of Use Cases in Industrial IoT, Energy & Utilities, Smart Cities, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Payment & Retail, Smart Home & Connected Car, Healthcare & Wearables, Education, Travel, AI & Machine Learning, National Security, New Business Models, & Risk Management
    • One Day of Technical Deep Dive: Developer's Day, Protocols & Standards, Embedded Security & Cloud Network Security
  • Interactive Learning + After hours Networking: 
    • Executive Speed Networking, Learning Labs, Analyst Breakfast Round Tables, Blockchain Workshop & BLOCKparty, & VIP Cocktail Part
Go to our site to learn more about the IoT Security Summit  2016 :

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