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12 Ways to Improve your Willpower and Concentration

Nowadays, people are constantly at work and sometimes they have to work extra hours each day. Jobs that require this are usually difficult and not interesting enough to keep these people going. It's understandable that they don't have the willpower nor concentration to finish the job. In addition to that, employers don’t usually pay bonuses or give out benefits to their workers – only a few companies do this. Thanks to the lack of appreciation for these people, they are even less likely to be happy at work. So if your employers won’t change things, what can you do to help yourself?
Improve your Willpower and Concentration
Take on a Willpower Workout

We’ve all lost willpower doing something that we have to, right? Training yourself to have higher willpower is the best thing to do when you start improving your willpower. Try very hard to resist temptations while working and avoid procrastination. These can occur at any time, and while tempting, they will bring your willpower down and in the end, you won’t finish what you started. Avoid them at all costs.

Change your Environment

I understand anyone who doesn’t like their workplace; we’ve all been there. It gets very boring after a while. Most people aren’t quite interested in their work due to the dullness of their environment. Their workplace is littered with paper, ugly, and boring. Try to bring some color into your life and make the workplace as interesting as possible. Light up the world!


I’m not a very religious person, but there’s something very special regarding meditation. I’ve tried it myself, and it helped a lot! Meditation can be a very powerful tool in battling the lack of willpower and concentration. Meditating even for 15 minutes each day can have immense effects after a while. Meditation can help you lose all your worries and help you towards a life of positivity. You don’t have to buy fancy candles and surround yourself with them; all you need is your will to meditate and a quite location!

Better Exercise and Nutrition

Eating junk food and letting your body suffer can be a cause for the lack of motivation. A few years back, I’ve been surviving on junk food because I loved the taste of it. I didn’t care about the negative effects. What else isn’t good? Well, sitting at a computer all day can also be a cause for the lack of motivation. Don’t let your body suffer because you aren’t used to working out or being on a diet. It will help your body, and it will help your mentality. Try changing things up a bit. Eat healthier and go for a jog. You don’t have to start with huge changes; take baby steps!

Encourage Yourself to Stick to your Plan

How are you going to finish your work if you regularly veer off course? Make a plan and stick to your plan. Don’t let yourself be moved by distractions. Tell yourself it’s important that you finish what you started, the way you planned to finish it. Motivate yourself with however you want, but don’t go too far with that motivation as you will, once again, start procrastinating.

Practice Self-Compassion

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s okay to criticize your work and mistakes, but don’t be too harsh! You’ll only end up feeling depressed. If you are in a tough spot, feel free to be compassionate towards yourself. There’s no one better in motivating you than yourself. No one is forbidding you to feel bad about a big job that seems impossible, but during that feeling tell yourself that you are worthy and that it will be done!

Practice Concentrating for Long Stretches

When I was younger, I couldn’t concentrate on a task at all. I had a lot of difficulties! But regarding concentration itself, it’s best if you start small. Set yourself a goal which can be completed in around 30 minutes. Tell yourself it is imperative that you don’t procrastinate or pause what you’re doing until it’s done. Concentrate during that entire time. After you’re finished, increase the time necessary to complete a task for tomorrow. This way, you will be able to concentrate for long stretches of time! If all else fails, you can try Peak Nootropics Alpha GPC supplement.

Get More Sleep to Help Your Brain Manage Energy Better

How many times have you stayed awake until dawn when you were a teenager? More than you can count, right? You and I both! Unfortunately, once we start getting older, our bodies simply can’t handle that way of life. You won’t get far if you force your body and brain to work overtime without giving them some much-needed rest. Your brain knows how to allocate energy properly, but if you deprive it of sleep, it won’t do well. This is why it’s important to get enough sleep!

Surround Yourself with People who are doing the Thing you want to do

Everything is better and easier when friends are around! Being surrounded by individuals who are doing the same thing you are doing will help boost morale as well as offer you a chance to communicate with them about problems which can occur. Plus, it contributes to being around people in general! Make it a Habit

All the points that we mentioned should be turned into a habit. It’s easy to lose sight of the original goal, even by doing these things, but it will be much easier for you if you turn everything mentioned into a habit. You’ll have many benefits to whatever you are doing, and you will feel much more prepared for whatever goals might be set for you. By making these things into a habit, you’ll also do them automatically without thinking for too long!

Do the Most Important Thing First

Have you ever had multiple tasks to do but did the fun ones first and left the boring ones (which are usually the most important ones – ironic, isn’t it?) to last? It’s not smart to do things that way. Decide what the most important thing is that you need to do and do it first. By letting it wait, you are also losing interest in doing it, no matter how important it might be. If you leave it for last, you certainly won’t finish it in time, and you might as well stop what you’re doing. Whatever it might be and however uninteresting it seems – finish the most important thing first!

Move your Body

Exercise can do wonders to your mind! Yes, you read that correctly – your mind. Not only will your body receive the benefit, but your mind will also be relaxed and prepared for what’s to come. Lots of people exercise to blow off steam and make it through the day. At the same time, they are making their bodies stronger, and their mind sharper. Science has proven that people who exercise have higher motivation and will to do work than those that don’t exercise. We strongly encourage you to move your body and help yourself to all the benefits that workout sessions bring!

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