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Walk Free Bangalore anniversary event by Walk Free Global team!

Walk Free Bangalore anniversary was celebrated well by Walk Free Global Team by conducting an awareness drive about Women Harassment in on 22nd July at Hrishikesh Vidyaniketaan located in SJ Park, Bangalore. The event consisted of motivational talks, speeches of empowering women, a play about motherhood and encouraging talks for the students to give a stand against Modern Slavery. The event began at 11AM with students from 7th – 10th grade present to get a hold of what Walk Free does around the world.
Walk Free Bangalore anniversary event
Nagendra started off the session with a speech on how women are the most important part of our country and culture, grabbing the attention of students and teachers alike. His speech covered the great women of this country and the sacrifices they made to make this nation one among the greats. With a clear idea on how women are very important in all over lives, Nagendra talked a little about the problems they come across and handed over the now curious audience to a beautiful and patriotic play.

The Play consisted of three phases –

Phase-1: Chatrapathi Shivaji and his mother (Enacted by Subash and Shwetha).
Phase-2: Swami Vivekananda and his mother (Tilak and Sushmitha).
Phase-3: Bhagat Singh and his mother (Dhanush and Sindhu)
Walk Free Bangalore anniversary event
The three phases completely covered about the bonds of motherhood and how children should view their mothers respectfully. The play emphasized our county’s history, portraying the sacrifices and contributions made by Indian mothers towards their country.

The drama ended with Nagendra giving a wonderful speech about our country’s soldiers and the sacrifices their mothers make for the sake of their country. The gist of the speech was nicely portrayed in a play enacted by Shwetha and Subash. A motivational video was shown next to the students which educated them about the Kargil wars and the soldiers who lost their lives during it, how it imapacted their families and to be proud that these brave men helped our country in the time of their need.
Walk Free Bangalore anniversary event
Sindhu then started with her talk on inspiring women and achievers such as Kiran Bedi, Alisha Abdullah and Barkha Dutt, and how their lives can be example for the young students. Women Harassment is still present in this great country in spite of having these many powerful and respectful women in the country, and we the youth can put a stop to it if we make a stand. This point was made clear to everyone present that day in that auditorium, kindling every individual’s inner fire to burn down the evil of Modern Slavery.

This awareness drive ended with Bharath Aditya delivering the vote of thanks and acknowledgements along with how the youth and students can be a part of the youth movement and help out in any small way possible.

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