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A Wish for Wishes

At the interface of DUSK to DAWN
made a move to the holy place of town
boom of ringing bells in resonance
peace imparted by the chaunting plesence
wishes sailing towards the holy centre
some in solitary torment,some in venture
A handful of plights,disguising others's sight
A few exclaimed in heavy decibles
A few murmmered low and feeble
some unspoken with closed eyes
All reflecting the pain disguided
A Wish for Wishes
A delicate voice beside me-
caught my attention,
among those competing pitches!
I looked at that little stature
joined hands, eyes closed, making his prayer
Amazed by that innocence, spellbind I stared
completing his prayer to me he raised
Noticing that panicingly I shifted my gaze
The boy made his move without questioning
I rushed hurrily and started following
I dared to stop him and enquired
him about his "WISH"

The answer that came back
was enough to shatter my humanly pride
I don't know who he was and from where
But enough he was to explain me the purpose of

"If I wish for myself they'll be never ending,
GOD is not ment to fulfill my dreams alone,
He made me for a purpose,
He gave me strength to give myself a drive,
to sweep agonies, a smile for endless pains to revive,
He dreams for his children to be happy,
And I am on a journey to conceive his dreams..!
and thats what it is all about

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