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Perceptive dialogues on the next big thing - Global IoT Conclave 2016

With the continuous evolution of technology, IoT has become the next big thing, attracting businesses from around the world. BE Summits organized its first IoT summit - Global IoT conclave 2016 , bringing experts together to learn from their knowledge of IoT. Read on!
August 26, 2016. The glorious sun on the Friday morning witnessed some bright smiles at the Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru, India, as BE Summits organized its first Global IoT conclave, hosting several industry experts to discuss on various aspects of IoT, with the support of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India, NEGD (National e-Governance division), CDOT and ECIL - Electronics Corporation of India Limited. The summit was successful in instilling powerful thoughts on IoT.
Global IoT Conclave 2016
Soon after the opening remarks, the summit was Kickstarted by Mr. T Dhandapani - Group CIO at TVS Motors, with a discussion on how IoT can help build smart manufacturing, which gave insights on the benefits and cost efficiencies of IoT for industrial purposes. The presentation was followed by a session on 'Google & IoT' by Mr. Subhash Chandra - India Lead of the Google Cloud platform, who began with a humble opening that said that they are in the industry only from the past 16 years and that they do have a lot to learn from the rest in the industry, who have decades of experiences. This attitude proves the reason for the success of the platform. It was then Ms. Kavya Dommeti who is the director of iBuild Innovation Pvt Ltd, who initiated a discussion on what it takes for India to become a global leader, with a profound presentation.
Global IoT Conclave 2016
Exchange of numerous of business cards were a part of the event besides several sips of coffee. The Summit was very well organized by the team with overwhelming hospitality. Presentations on 'IoT for healthcare', 'IoT: opportunities and challenges in India' and various other subjects were discussed by Industry experts like Dr. Vijay Mishra - CTO at center for Nano science and engineering at IISC, Mr. Asit Goel - VP of engineering and operations at Aeris, Dr. Lakshmi - Group leader IPR and marketing - CDOT, Mr. Vidya Shankar - president of IESA and Mr. Shivendra Kumar - Co-Founder of Chipmonk Technology Pvt Ltd.
The partners of the event were absolutely supportive in making the event successful. With Google Cloud Platform as the co-partner and Aeris as the conference partner, the summit was also supported by Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine as the online media partner. Other supporters included MSys Technologies, Diligent, Chipmonk Technnologies, IESA and many others.

Although the event was organized to majorly help gain insights on the opportunities of IoT, the event ended with a presentation on 'The Dark Side of IoT' by Mr. Abhinav Biswas. Abhinav, who is the ALT.CISO at the ECIL Govt. Of India, discussed on the security measures to be actually taken while providing products and services. A thought provoking discussion on how humans continue to demand to automate the smallest processes even after the work is made a lot easier today and on how IoT Ransomware is a threat to humanity in itself. With insights on the negative side, it certainly helped the delegates understand the importance to be given to security and privacy from the early design stages. The delegate crowd contained people from varied hierarchy levels from different domains of the Industry. With purely positive responses from every delegate and speaker, the organizers look forward to creating more tech-based opportunities through such events. All in all, the Global IoT conclave 2016 provided every attendee, plethora of ideas to innovate and build technologies in the best possible ways.

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