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Morsels of Success - Sri Sai Ram's Chats

Exists, "There's no love sincerer than the love of food", as a George Bernard Shaw quote, and also exists a saying, "There's nothing like a small business and there isn't any religion bigger than the business you do". When the love is coupled with a healthy business mind, it can drive many a one to quench the thirst of success, having passion, desire and will as ingredients.
A McDonald’s, Wendy’s or a Subway is a massive success story all over the globe in the culinary industry. Amidst the mammoth spiels of them, lay unnoticed the stories of small fast food joints, usually under the comforting shade of trees, oozing out enchanting odour.
Sri Sairam's Chats
Sri Sai Ram’s Chats is a small yet a sane story that serves delicious bites, popular all over the city, and stands as an example to the other ‘chaat’ joints. ‘Chaats’ is India’s answer to the Falafels, Burgers and the Hotdogs. Every other street corner has one of these joints, but the aspect that makes Sri Sai Ram’s Chats, is worth a read.

Headed by Narasimha Murthy, this joint started way back in 2002 in a basement on a bustling main road. Lokesh dons the apron and is the mastermind behind many innovations brought in, that lingers long in the minds and taste buds of the customers. Initially started with only a select few, the menu now carries about 99 varieties on it- something that is unparalleled by other joints offering this cuisine. The owners cashed in on the neighbourhood of schools and colleges and have thrived on it.

Sick of working under an employer at a car showroom, the brothers, Murthy and Lokesh, put their feet into this industry with a lot of self-belief and courage. Overcoming hardships and coupling the struggle with innovation, they have only grown in stature and have garnered love from the customers. Their day starts early unlike the other ‘chaat’ outlets. Murthy says, “Growing in this business only has meant more customers thronging the joint. It is very important to cater to the ever-growing demand with a smile always and staying down to earth. The faith the customers show in us drives us to serve better”. He also stressed on the point that every day was a learning experience for them and the importance for cultivating these learnings as prosperity and improvement.

Currently housed firm on a street replete with food joints, competition is inevitable. Contemplating the strife as a challenge, they believe it brings out the best in them and also teaches them to stay rooted. “Presentation is an important factor too. It is only because of the customers that we thrive. It is foremost that we treat them well. A smile served along with the item ordered will always work wonders. The presentation should not only look good, but the experience as it greets your palate should be even more pleasurable, they voice.
Sri Sairam's Chats
Having worked as employees under a master, they understand the need to keep the former happy. They say that in their joint, comprising of 5 employees, they work like a well-knit family. Coordination brings about bliss and deters stress.

Quality and hygiene are most probably the prime factors in establishing a restaurant as supreme. The two factors are paid heed to, chiefly, in Sri Sai Ram’s Chats. The shop is thoroughly cleaned regularly and no stone is left unturned while ensuring the customer enjoys their service. The items are also light on the pocket and serves as the best hangout spot for people of all kinds. They believe that these factors have helped them gain prominence and ensured that even eminent personalities drop by to grab a bite. Beaming with pride, Murthy says, “We don’t believe in flashy marketing. Celebrity visits have ensured that we are given a very strong positive word of mouth”.

Lokesh, who works relentlessly round the clock, doesn’t think twice to explain to new customers the different items on the menu even when the number of orders he has in hand is plentiful. He says, “The smile the customer has on his lips as he takes a bite, makes me forget all the fatigue. It drives me to deliver tastier food to them”.

The craving for expansion in business always exists in them, but the thought of dipping in quality when an outsider is given the reins for a new branch has put it on hold. They do not want to tarnish the trust of the customers. It is interesting how the service to customer is given utmost importance even after having achieved much success. It isn’t seen much these days where personal economic growth is craved for, rather than customer satisfaction. This is definitely not seen in the culinary bigwigs, that has left many customers dissatisfied. A regular customer to the store says, “I get a blissful experience every time I come here. There are many places which serve quality and tasty food, but the interaction and way of service here is the USP”. It takes hard work and dedication to do well with a career in the culinary world. To sum up Murthy’s words, “Indulging in business of any scale itself is a mammoth task. Live it with passion and you’ll taste success”. It is important to stay down-to-earth and adhering to simplicity. Having the fire within to innovate and work hard will brew a definite success story. This story surely teaches that even the tiny joint out there carries on it a voluminous niche of success that can inspire a lot.

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