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Global Big Data Defence 2017 Summit

Implementing Real-time, Actionable Intelligence in Modern Warfare Scenarios
Global Big Data Defence 2017 Summit
Taking place in June 26th - 28th in Berlin, Global Big Data Defence 2017 Summit will be a platform where leading Ministries of Defence, integrators and subcontractors will gather in order to develop joint strategies towards the implementation of Big Data solutions in multisource warfare scenarios.

Why should you attend?
Global Big Data Defence 2017 Summit
Data collection has become a critical aspect in today’s military operations. However, modern armies are finding hard to effectively analyse and exploit all the data collected within a multisource environment, including C4ISR, OSINT, GEOSINT, Multilingual and Coalition sources.

The impact that Big Data can have at the time of providing timely situational awareness for effective decision making can be key. Through the use of this technology; collection, integration, storage and organisation of information can be better achieved as all-source analysts will be able to get actionable intelligence in a timely manner.
Global Big Data Defence 2017 Summit
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