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June 1: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

There is no shortcut for success but there are definitely a lot of success formulae, secrets and guidelines which direct you towards it. Here is a collection of a few such lessons which can change your life. Read on!

1. “We all dream for a better life. But ensure it doesn’t mask what we are already blessed with.”

Our aspirations drive us towards betterment. Rather than looking at what is not there, look at what you already have and make use of it. We are blessed with a lot of strength, talent, capabilities and potent ideologies. Feel good about yourself. You must definitely concentrate to earn more quality attributes in your life. But that doesn’t mean you do not value what you are already blessed with and keep them aside. See what great you can achieve by critically measuring what’s on plate. It is indeed important because something that you already have may help you gain what you aspire. Valuing what is present and using it to gain what is absent makes your life, a wise one.

Without taking things for granted and not getting carried away by his aspirations, Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle used little of what he had to gain a lot of what he dreamt about. The English Royal Air Force (RAF) engineer air officer single-handedly invented the turbojet engine. His aim was to invent and he achieved it by the knowledge which he already had and the strengths which he was already blessed with. Showing his interest in flying and engineering, he crossed all the barriers including the physical limitations and started walking towards his dreams.

2. “One optimistic thought, one positive saying and one flawless smile are good enough to make your day beautiful.”

Wake up with a good thought. Tell yourself that fortune is on your side. These positive attitudes keep you going. One roar of a lion leaves the entire jungle in silence. They all look small but these small things actually matter a lot. They produce an intensive impact. A good start definitely has a good end. We got to see what adds fortune, beauty, support, encouragement and value to all that we do. Once you find it out, catch hold of it and employ it to make your life, a grand success. One smile chases away your problems. One simple solution makes the problem look like it is nothing. The whole universe is beautifully created. Feel the prettiness and go ahead in life with a very clear mindset.

Georgiy Dobrovolsky purified his mind and filtered his thoughts. He stuck to his affirmations. The Soviet cosmonaut served on the three-man crew of the Soyuz 11 spacecraft. He was one among the world's first space station crew aboard Salyut. Treating his dream as a pill to live his life, he died in space after fulfilling his dream. His pure and innocent mind, willpower to resist anything and everything finally ended their journey after experiencing the contentment one would always be showered with.

3. “Problems occur to test you. Fight them and prove your worth rather than running away from them.”

Life is a race. Feel the sportiveness in it. Participate in the race, accept the ups and downs, enjoy the twists and turns and never forget that the most wise and patient would be the one to celebrate the victory. Have your seen any race which is a smooth one? Have you come across any hunt which is an easy one? When races, hunts and things which are just part of life are so challenging, how can you think that your life, comprising of all such challenges, is a bed of roses?  Problems help you unleash your strength and potential. They form a platform to demonstrate your strength, talents and skills. You are worth more than what you know or feel. This is going to be proven only when you face problems without hesitation.

The series of streams of problems and challenges which came into the life of Richard Levins were only to make him stronger and show the world, more about what he is. Accepting and considering every twist and turn important, an ex-tropical farmer turned into an ecologist. The population geneticist, biomathematician, mathematical ecologist, and philosopher of science also researched on topics and subjects related to environment.

4. “Let your worries about the past and fears about the future not engulf the happiness of the present.”

Live in the present and live the present. Present is where you can frame your life. Your present is what decides your future. Past experiences, incidents and situations certainly have an impact on the present and the future; using the experiences, learning from them and understanding the lessons would surely help you carve your life into a beautiful monument. Worrying about the bad that happened in your past, feeling bad about it and hurting yourself will not contribute to your further growth in any way. You got to find out why something bad happened and which actions of yours made the situation bad and ensure that you will not repeat them now and in the future to earn, own and enjoy a fruitful life.

Knowing that it was his thoughts, actions, deeds and life that made his entire life as a whole, Charlie Wilson learnt from his past rather than worrying about it alone. He implemented all his lessons to make a constructive present in order to enjoy a productive future which built his life. The United States naval officer and former 12-term Democratic United States Representative was predominantly known for leading Congress into supporting Operation Cyclone. Growing up in a not-so-wealthy family, he attended public schools and managed to graduate successfully. He was not outstanding in studies but grew up to serve as a lieutenant and gunnery officer at United States Navy. Getting influenced by his past positively, he took his interest in women empowerment and many more forward and worked on them too.

5. “All that you carry while you leave is your identity. Your signature called achievement makes your life after death. Making such signatures is not an option but your duty.”

Your achievements nurture you. You’ve watered, fertilized and showered love on all that made you build your identity as an achiever; the world can never forget you, your contributions and victories. Everything may be going fine now, but at some point of time, clashes and differences may arise. It’s okay if the entire world is on one side and you are alone on the opposite side; It’s okay if you are not supported; its okay if the world doesn’t respect you; it’s okay if your achievements do not look big to people. All the good work which you’ve done, your contributions, lessons, your story in itself and your positive vibes stand by your side, and stand for you, guarding you, guiding you and nurturing you. Than the relationships, love and importance to materialistic aspect of your life, your emotions, thoughts, deeds, ideas and achievements raise you, shelter you and protect you forever and ever.

More than earning money and wealth, Geminiano Montanari earned his positive persona. The Italian astronomer, lens-maker, and proponent of the experimental approach to science spent his life by elongating his profile. This true achiever is remembered for his observation of the second brightest star present in our universe. As a tribute to all his contributions to astronomy, a crater on the Moon is named after him.

There is no shortcut to success at all. You got to walk along the whole length of the path leading to success. No turn can act as a shortest path. Move on with patience, dedication and hope without quitting. (Source:

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