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June 10: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Living your dreams is what marks true success in life. Along with confidence, we also need to have an idea about how to proceed in order to live our dreams. This quick read is sure to help you as a guideline manual to achieve and be able to show the world what it takes to be able to achieve what you aim. Read on!

1. “Everybody set their targets but the one who considers the target to be the oxygen of his/her life, is sure to achieve more than what he/she targets.”

Sarah Grand
We all have goals and aims in our lives. We’ve not just set but have also decided to achieve them at all costs. But do you really take your goals seriously? Do you really strive hard all throughout your journey without letting even a minute to go? Do you let your targets fill your mind, heart and soul completely? A shooter never fails to hit exactly at his target and win his every attempt. How does he do it? It is because he practiced hard and thought that, hitting his targets would produce oxygen using which he would breathe. It means that the shooter would get suffocated and would suffer from breathlessness. The shooter devotes his self and makes it a point to win all that he targets and that is why he is looked upon for the amazing aiming and shooting skills.

Despite of her very sporadic education, Sarah Grand overcame her suffocation by employing her perseverance. She targeted to reach the highest peak in terms of her career. But due to the lack of proper education, she faced a stage where she had to struggle to make her career. She chose to become an activist and writer, penning down her travels and life experiences. The Irish feminist writer revolved around the New Woman ideal. Due to her uncomfortable after-marriage experiences, she again turned towards writing as writing was her breath.

2. “A little more hard work, a little more dedication, and a little more sincerity in your effortful attempts would help you reach the top and reach your destiny.”

Friedrich L Bauer
We all work hard, stay dedicated, show devotion and are sincere in all the efforts which we put in. but remember there is always a little more which we can do and this little more takes our life forward to the next level. We had a lot of enthusiasm, energy, hope and innocence when we were about to get into the train of life and start journeying. But are we the same has we proceed? Are we left with the same amount of passion as what it was at the beginning? No! All the quality attributes which would facilitate your growth fades away. We got to cheer ourselves up and we got to add all that fades as and when it happens and take our life forward into light. Always remember, when you are left with just one more step to go, fill yourself up with more of what helps you win; climb up the last step and you are there!

Friedrich L Bauer was an influential figure in establishing computer science as an independent subject in German universities. He started as a teacher but kept adding a little more to his passion, determination, dedication, focus and earnestness. That’s how he became the reason for coining the term Software Engineering. Initially, he was involved with the construction of computing machinery and later the imperative computer programming languages ALGOL 58, etc.

3. “Every moment of your life is a testing phase. What you do at this phase decides what comes to you later.”

Saul Bellow
Only when we perform really well in our tests and exams, we will be awarded the topper’s tag. You may prepare to the best possible extent, you may have understood the concept such that you can even go for a research, but all this doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do and how you do during the duration of your examination. This is life! Our whole life in itself is a testing phase. How you act and what you do throughout this phase decides your future life, your destiny, your tomorrow and your identity. Along with hope, you got to work harder in order to make your life, a masterpiece.

Life gave Saul Bellow a lot of tests. In fact, life in itself was a testing phase. At age 8, he suffered from a respiratory infection which made him self-reliant. What he did at this phase was that he read a lot and he decided to be a writer. This decision further brought him Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature, the National Medal of Arts and many more awards for his writing skills. He worked in a bakery, as a coal delivery man, and as a bootlegger to make his dreams come true. He fought against the religious upbringing which marked a start for living his passion.

4. “A refreshing break always vitalizes your future but make sure you deserve and earn the break.”

Ralph Kirkpatrick
All of us dream for at least one such moment in our life where we get to just enjoy our lives. We crave for it. But do we get it just like that? Remember that, if we get it just like that, we will not really understand the real importance of it. We may not value it. So, earn every minute of your break. Deserve your vacation. When do you deserve it? How do you earn it? You deserve it only when you’ve worked hard for it. You will earn it by losing liters and liters of your sweat and hours and hours of time.

Ralph Kirkpatrick worked such that he introduced the world to his chronological catalog of Domenico Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas. Producing and a critical edition of 60 sonatas, he almost reformed the conventional music perceptions and ideologies. After doing so much, don’t you think he deserves a break? He earned every minute of rejoice, refreshment and reenergizing long break. Conventionally designated by their Kirkpatrick numbers, Scarlatti's sonatas were considered a standard. The asteroid 9902 Kirkpatrick was named in his honor.

5. “It is your mind which has to be ready to achieve your goals. Otherwise, the smallest hurdle can stop you from doing what you got to do.”

William Rosenberg
When you’ve decided to achieve your goals, tell yourself that you have to do it at all costs. Let your mind know that it is something which has to happen. Achieving the set targets is mandatory and not an option. Life is not smooth at all. Smallest of the small obstacles can hold our attempts and stop our journey if we are not committed to accomplish our purpose. Remember, your victory depends on how ready your mind is to find some way to achieve your goals. Life is not about stopping because things stop you and giving up. It is about how you move despite of all the hindrances; believe in yourself and never give up.

William Rosenberg had to discontinue studies by eighth grade due to financial problems. His family lost their store in the Great Depression. All these never stopped him. His mind was ready to not just achieve his target but to also find ways to do it. Therefore, he took up several jobs right from age 14, such as full-time telegram delivery boy, ice cream distributor boy and many more. Rising high up gradually, the American entrepreneur founded the Dunkin' Donuts franchise. He was of the pioneers in name-brand franchising, originally named the "Open Kettle" doughnut shop with 10,000 outlets of the chain in 32 countries.

Life is a very long one. You never know what will happen the next minute. Waiting doesn’t help in any way. You got to act and prove yourself. Wake up and bounce out of your comfort zone. The rest will be taken care of, by nature.  (Source:

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