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June 17: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

An aspiring achiever never leaves any opportunity untouched, that helps to fulfill his/her aspirations. This article is one such, which is sure to help you in walking towards the path leading to success. Read on!

1. “You will succeed faster when you treat your dreams as your purpose rather than treating them just as your desires.”

Building a successful life is a dream of every one of us. Along with dreaming, you need to also know what it takes to achieve and fly as high as possible. Not all the dreamers achieve what they wish to achieve. Out of all who dream, only few make up their mind to start and fewer of them start. Among those who’ve started, not all proceed through the path and pass the finish line. If dreams are our desires then why is it that all of us are not able to fulfill them? We resist the difficulties and strive wholeheartedly to not stop and look back only if our dreams mean everything to us. When the motive of your life is to prove your potential to the world and achieve, then dreams become your responsibilities and not just your desires. Aim become targets which essentially need to be won when you demonstrate your struggle to win the battle of problems and challenges.

John Kay made it a point to live to succeed. His dreams were not just dream but the reason for him to live his life. This gave him the identity of the inventor of the flying shuttle. He was observed as and respected for contributing significantly to the Industrial Revolution. It was only because he treated his dreams as his responsibilities that he became the reason for several significant design improvements in textile machinery. He cherished his works through his patents.

2. “One strong decision can open a door, heal a wound or even connect the curve to close an incomplete circle of life.”

Your decision is the lead of the show called life. It is the secret for everything that happens in your life. Decision is nothing but strong, rigid and defining commitment which is a part of you that embeds the aroma of success into your life. An aspiring achiever kneels down to the deciding statement which he/she whispered to his/her own self. The very essential ingredient to welcome success is to abide by what you are committed to. Fake promises always pull you down from the track which you ought to travel. A strong wish to stick to the decision and complete it acts as a push which helps you hug the essence of success. It is your decision which has the power to cure your worries and frame your life. It helps you occupy the throne of contentment and makes you stay there throughout your journey.

One decision made by James Weldon Johnson transformed his life into a leader’s. The American author, educator, lawyer, diplomat and songwriter, having served various domains, turned towards empowering the society by fighting for the civil rights. The activist was best remembered for his leadership qualities and the world is inspired by the same. He is respected for taking many successful initiatives for the society. The reputed writer was the first African-American professor to be hired at New York University.

3. “Everything you want exists. Don't settle until you get it.”

Everything in your life is a choice. You get what you chose. You are the choice-maker and winner of whatever you choose. Life is transparent and everything in it too is. You know what is right and wrong; you can differentiate between what lifts you up and what brings you down from your progressive ladder. You also know the effects and impact that things would create and leave behind. The color you chose defines your life. Your choice is what decides about what can enter into your life. You choose your reactions; you choose how situations affect you. You choose the real happiness. The right choice that you make colors your entire life. What you choose is all up to you.

Thinking a little more to make her life beautiful, Ruth Graves Wakefield explored to come up with the first chocolate chip cookie. The inventor of the Toll House Cookie was also an educator, a business owner, a chef, and an author. Working as a dietitian, she opened a business where she cooked and served home-cooked meals which had deserts in it too. It was during this time that she wanted to spread and increase the amount of happiness prevailing by inventing chocolate chip cookies.

4. “Do not just aim at what you think you can get. Become the one who would achieve all that is aimed at.”

More than aiming, creating yourself to be an aim would add value to your determination to succeed. When you list your aspirations, write down not what you want but the kind of personality and characteristics which would help you fulfill your aspirations implicitly. Set goals which transform you as a person and not only those which you want to get. This way of approach for building your life and making it successful is adoringly effective; it directs you towards bettering yourself and makes you a special and a quality persona. Becoming a better person must be your main focus before getting all that you desire. Constructing self image makes you more deserving.

Sir William Crookes gave importance to earning things rather than getting them. When you are the deserving, when your personality and characteristics makes way for it, you will for sure be showered with all that you aim and desire. Believing in the same principle, the English chemist and physicist pioneered vacuum tubes and then he automatically walked towards inventing the Crookes tube. He wanted to invent something and hence, he mastered all the skills and learnt to the fullest possible about what was required for his invention. In this way, he first aimed at becoming the appropriate person before achieving what he wanted to.

5. “Your competition is none other than your own self. Make yourself engaged in producing better version of yourself every second of your life.”

You got to compete with your own self. No one else has the alliance to become your competitor. How do you compete? Do you fight your competitor or learn in all ways from your competitor to improve yourself? Competing is not about battling with the efforts of another life who also aspires to win just like you. It is not about overtaking another person’s struggles, sweat and blood poured attempts and dedication. It is about overriding your inferiorities and helping yourself to fight against the failures of your life. A competitor is the one who is same as you, having same level of strengths, same qualities and thoughts and same characterization. You can now find your competitor by standing in front of the mirror.

Red Foley was an immensely talented and a blessed artist. The American singer, musician, radio and TV personality made a major contribution to the growth of country music after World War II. Art is unique and so are artists. When everyone is talented in their own ways, how can one compete with another? His efforts for taking music to the top level were incomparable and hence he couldn’t find a competitor. He competed with himself, getting better and winning every moment.

Challenges are common; pressures are everywhere; but a strong desire and a passionate mind can never stop you from winning what you want. This read is only to strengthen your passion and give you more energy. These lessons, we believe, are sure to help you move faster towards success but remember, it is you who is supposed to make the move. Don’t wait and never stop; keep walking. (Source:

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