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June 18: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

At some point of time in our lives, we feel good and happy when we get life lessons in a simplified manner. The aim of this write-up is no but the same. If you are looking for eye-openers then glance through this piece of write-up.

1. “Problems may be big or small; the solution is right within you. You got to introspect to find it out.”

Problems are just a part of life but they don’t make your life. Overcoming the difficulties and solving them would actually not just make but light your life. It is your life that has a lot of challenges and quests to offer you in your life. Therefore, by all means, it is you who can find appropriate solutions to your life. Never give up. The situations which you come across, the circumstance which come into your life and the way to choose to deal with life serve as a medicine to cure all the hurdles that you get to face in life. Just know that there is no out which can solve your problem. It is all within you; ask yourself, tell yourself, introspect yourself and the solution appears instantly. You got to pull off the blankets which covered the remedies within you by opening your inner eyes.

E.W. Scripps would ask himself for solutions. He always wanted to make a difference and sign his victory to the society. His aspirations were funded by his problem solving skills. He could never an easy life; he initially started as an office boy at a paper company. Gradually he built his life by overcoming all the troubles which he got in his life. This urge of looking into his elf for solutions enabled him to frame his identity as an American newspaper publisher and founder of The E. W. Scripps Company.

2. “There is strength in every struggle and a favor in every pain. Feel the goodness and carry its values.”

When the whole point of living life is to achieve success, then tuning our mind towards optimism is not an option but a compulsion. When your mind is optimistic, there is no doubt that it will look for some positive in all what it sees. Since you see what you look for, you will definitely end up finding light in darkness. That is the essence of a positive mind. And that is exactly why we look a positive spirit succeeds and never looks back. Finding some positive in negative alone doesn’t help completely, you got to learn from it, use it and cherish it in order to continue your walk ahead. Winning over your challenges helps you only when you spot and learn all that adds more value to your life. Struggles reveal your strengths and this is how confidence to achieve more is built.  

Henry Clay Folger, Jr. had the ability to extract all that would help him progress. He found a way to end the financial problems which always bothered him by turning this problem into an opportunity that let him learn more in life. He won prizes by participating in essay competitions and he used this to pay his exam fees. Reading, writing and learning more about literature was a boon which further made him the founder of the Folger Shakespeare Library and chairman of Standard Oil of New York.

3. “Deviation is a common phenomenon. Every now and then, you got to look within yourself and ask yourself if you are really growing from what you are doing.”

We are all normal human beings and achievers are no different from us. They also get diverted and deviated. But achievers add that little extra to ordinary because they look at coming back to follow the plan as their responsibility. You will not get an external agent to mentor your progress and bring you back on track every time you get diverted. Life is about what monitoring your actions just to put yourself in achieving mode. The best way to occupy the throne of success and remaining in it all throughout is by becoming your own mentor. Look deep within yourself and knock the doors of every that is happening within yourself and in your life. When you knock, you will analyze and get a clear picture about how much you growing with whatever doing. This helps you not to judge but to get it right by channelizing your thoughts and attempts towards the path that leads you to your destiny.

Allan Sandage was involved completely in researching sand he dedicated his life to astronomy. Even after making his work, an integral part of his life; even after deeply getting into research, he never stepped out of the track just to take a break. He used his targets and ambitions as a tool monitor his growth and progress more. He determined the first reasonably accurate values for the Hubble constant, first quasar and the age of the universe.

4. “The best way to win all the challenges that life gave you is challenging yourself and saying: ‘I am going to make it irrespective of however worse life gets.”

Let life give you how many ever challenges it wants to; let it push you into pain which is deep to any extent. You don’t have to stop your journey just to win over the challenges and solve all the problems. Challenges are just a part of life. So, give them their space and continue to rock your life. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to deal with your challenges. You have to and win them too. Rather than worrying how to win, you can raise another challenge to yourself in order to abolish your inferiorities and battle against the tough conditions of your life. When you challenge this way, you will automatically fuel in confidence to turn the worse situations into opportunities.

Not everyone accepted George Mallory and his contributions. Great works are always appreciated. Taking the same as a ray of hope, the English mountaineer took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest. He performed well at every step he took and every expedition he participated because he challenged himself. Completing his studies by winning the scholarship, his was guarded by his confidence. He turned his interest towards rock climbing and mountaineering. This interest was not just his interest but it was his passion and he proved it when he took his last breath during a trek.

5. “Only because there is a crack on the crystal, light reflects on it causing it to shine. It is the imperfection which makes way and builds scope for perfection.”

Only when there is a defect, efforts are put in order to convert it into an enhancement. If there is no imperfection, perfection gets its value. When every is right, why should progress even be a matter of concern? Growth happens when mistakes are made because that is when you get a clear picture of how were you when you made the mistake and how better you are after you committed a mistake. The glint of the moon is more beautiful when it gets reflected on broken window pain. Life is not about searching perfection, it’s about extracting perfection from imperfection.

No one is perfect and so was Jerome Karle. Being perfect do not fetch you awards; correcting your faults and letting good happen through your defects make you a winner. The American physical chemist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985, for the direct analysis of crystal structures using X-ray scattering techniques. His interest in science was a reason for him to take up additional courses in biology, chemistry and math in addition to the required curriculum. He never won by attempting just once, he made a lot of mistakes and then using all the learning, he performed better.

We believe that this article would’ve answered a lot of your questions. Your part increases when you have all the answers with you. So now, you got to act and fulfill your responsibilities to win. (Source:

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