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June 2: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

All of us aim, dream and wish to become successful. But most of us forget that we are already rockstars. It is just that you need to stand out in the society so that you can be followed. Here are 5 personalities who carved their lives, fostering their winning secrets upon us. Read on for the most important lessons from their journeys!

1. “Interest is the backbone of your growth. You got to fight harder to stick to it and take it forward.”

Always remember that, nothing seems like a problem, nothing can stop you, nothing can de-catalyze your journey and nothing looks difficult when your interest becomes your priority. The very common reason- ‘I cannot find time’ is certainly invalid. You will somehow make time for what interests you. You tend to work hard, innovate, invent and grow sincerely and elegantly only when you are interested in what you are doing. Interest is a feel; it is an emotion which wakes you up when you sleep, knocks the door of success and invites it to your life, shows the real you to the world and help you prove to the world, your intense love, passionate affection and the level of importance you give to whatever you’ve undertaken. Your inner strengths and capabilities could be completely made use of and the sole purpose of your life shall be essentially fulfilled. It is all because of your interest; respect it and never let it go.

Edwin Way Teale didn’t relax after discovering his interest. He started his life by battling against all that which could stop him from going in the line of his interest. The American naturalist, photographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer achieved what he wanted to only because he was interested in what he did. His work served and continues to serve as a primary source material documenting environmental conditions. Recognizing his early interest in nature studies, he grew up to become freelance photographer and nature writer.

2. “Your heart is your best guide. Listen to its whispers and follow its words.”

How much can the outside world understand you? Does it accept you completely for the way you are? Always remember, you are the only one who can respect, accept, understand and help yourself completely. Your heart knows you better than anything or anyone in the universe. Not just your desires, it also knows what’s good for you. The soul of every life is divine; the divinity succeeds in suggesting, showing and directing you the right, best feasible and effective path that takes you to success. Success is the ultimate interest, goal, ambition, passion and everything with respect to an aspiring winner. Naturally, you do all that takes you there. If you are very much keen to achieve then you can certainly do by following your heart. Listen to it, trust it and value its guidance.

Takijir? ?nishi  looked within him for directions and guidance rather than searching for them outside. The father of the kamikaze and the admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy rose up to the rank of the sub-lieutenant. Further growing as a lieutenant, he continued to serve the naval aviation and also as a flight instructor. The graph of his growth had a steep rise at every step without a fall because he was mentored by his soul. He respected his heart and took every step according to its direction.

3. “Continue to dream, continue to trust and continue to act and grow.”

The secret to growth lies in your actions. Right actions output right results. To be more precise, trusted actions output desired result. Trust yourself before you start. Because, faith and belief act as fuel and engine of the vehicle of life when journeyed, helps you reach your destination. Beyond everything and before anything, you got to dream. Dreaming is the only way to plan your desire and see if you really desire them. Moving closer towards your desires and making your life a fruitful one depend on what you dream and how you aim. A positive dreamer is full of enthusiasm, hope and energy. This innocent attitude of waiting for something amazing and miraculous to happen keeps an achiever’s life progressive.

Tex Schramm dreamt and believed that his dreams would come true. He trusted himself and that was the reason he acted right. He saw the positive outcomes and experienced step by step growth. Original president and general manager of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys franchise stopped his studies to serve as an officer in the United States Army Air Forces. His innovative mind helped redefine the modern NFL. He ruled the league and introduced many good changes. He stood as the symbol of success during his era.

4. “Value things and not its price. Admire the struggle and not just its result. Live to succeed and don’t just succeed in living.”

Stars look beautiful. Their twinkles and glitters make the sky shine. Who doesn’t like those stars? In fact, we pray for an opportunity to touch them, hug them and sparkle the same way. But, we are not aware of the reactions which take place within them. The constant, consistent and continual participation of hot gases in various chemical reactions is what produces the shine. We see its twinkling effect but forget to respect what it undergoes to produce the effect. Admiring the struggle and pain along with the victory helps you become a better person. Money cannot buy everything. Analyzing what something or someone does for you which money cannot and valuing the service, love and concern helps you reach the summit of success. Achieve something during your stay on this planet and only then leave. Life is about leaving an unforgettable legacy.

Betty Freeman gave a lot of importance to the thread which led her kite. The American philanthropist and photographer graduated in the streams of English literature and music. Starting as a concert pianist, practicing six to eight hours per day for twenty years, she leaped to manage concerts. Reserving her entire life for music, she stood as the supporter of contemporary music, with grants and commissions to various American composers. She engaged herself in producing musicales. Financing a documentary film, she eventually inclined towards photography.

5. “Smile at your problems and let them know that you are much more strong than what you were. Tell them that they can never wipe off your smile.”

If you get scared of things, then you will continue to get scared forever. What is the point in living with fear? Problems are there to make you stronger by using the tool called fear. When you are afraid of the challenges which world gives you, it means that you do not trust your potent capabilities. Just Smile and you shall see that vanishes. Make sure that your actions and moves do not get influenced by the problem and pressure which you are supposed to face. Show the world that you are strong and growing stronger every minute. Let your heart be stubborn so that no worries can shake it. Your positive attitude and smile can scare the problem and chase it away.

Lloyd Shapley kept becoming stronger and stronger. The American mathematician and Nobel Prize-winning economist contributed to the fields of mathematical economics including game theory. Winning the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, he proved that formal education alone doesn’t help one to achieve and succeed. Though he had to stop his studies for a while, his interest to attain success never faded. He collaborated with other researchers and succeeded in identifying methods that fetched him the right results.

Dreams may be many but desire of every human being is just one and that is, to succeed. Success is the ultimate buzz of every heart. Striving to achieve the same is what life is all about. We believe that you shall start reframing and redefining your life to restart it and to succeed. Wishing you the very best! (Source:

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