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June 26: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Each and every one of us dream, desire and wish for a grand success, achiever's tags and titles, an exemplar's life. We also decide to go in the line of making them happen but not all convert this decision into action. Here are few snippets which shall help you proceed through the journey and make your life a success-filled one. Read on!

1. “Live to express and not to impress.”

Not always are the people around us right and not every time does right things happen in the society. When something is not right, standing up and raising your voice is certainly your responsibility. If the great freedom fighters who sought for the nation’s freedom went according to the minds which ruled us ruthlessly, if great scientists and inventors accepted the existing beliefs and never made an attempt to bring about a change then development would remain only a dream. Unless you express your ideas, live according to your likes and act based on your own decision, your life or any others for that matter, cannot change.

Charles Messier was bold enough to culture and maintain his originality and his own essence of living his life. The French astronomer’s interest in astronomy was simulated by the appearance of the spectacular, great six-tailed comet and by an annular solar eclipse. He was known as a comet hunter, discovering 13 comets. The astronomical catalogue consisting of nebulae and star clusters eventually obtained the name, Messier which remained as a receipt of this expression of life.

2. “Don’t leave a single person without acknowledging while you climb up the hill. You never know which person will be your savior when you fall.”

Life is mysterious and nothing is predictable. When everything in life seems to be going well, at one point of time, there might be challenging situations. Always remember, these are the tests which life gives you. Clearing these tests and excelling your performance is what life is all about. Nature which raises problems nurtures solutions for these problems too. You got to search and find for the answer sand cure your problems. Sometimes, these answers stay within you and sometimes, they are out. It is our duty to value everything around and everything that comes to you. Respect everyone and don’t judge anyone. Rather than measuring the other person’s caliber and strengths, learning from them always helps. A person whom you’ve judged and underestimated may be the only one who will come to your rescue someday, help you and solve your problem. So, treat everyone well and respect them. You may need a person today whom you disrespected yesterday.

Pearl S Buck, American writer and novelist, treating everybody around equally, respected the society and everyone in it. Known as the daughter of missionaries, she had understood life well and hence, valued all that came to her and was around her. Winning the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature, she never underestimated people around her. She knew that problems may strike her any day. She also advocated the rights of women and minority groups.

3. “A smallest turn towards the right direction might lead you to rapid growth. Make sure you recognize the turns. They are everywher.”

Walking into the larval stage helps the caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Entering the stage of the larva is a step which is to climb by the caterpillar to turn reach a better and a bigger transformation. It is a step which directs it to a newer side of life. Sucking the nectar from every sweet flower is a routine for a honey bee. Approaching a flower is the decision to be made by the bee. Going towards the right flower is the twist that the nature offers. Only when the bee believes in itself, it proceeds to the style of the flower to relish the nectar. Always remember, the smallest step that the bee takes to go to a flower leads to the next bigger step of facilitating pollination to promote the growth of the world. Recognizing the importance behind what you do and proceeding with trust definitely helps you grow.

Sir Maurice Wilkes was sensitive and sensible enough to recognize the clues that the road gave him. One of such clues pointed the turn that took him towards becoming the key personality in developing tie computing technology. Rather than ignoring the turns and steps offered by nature, The British computer scientist often analyzed and set himself into action by making turn by believing in it. He also served in many ways: he was a knight bachelor, Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and many more.

4. “You may speak with a brilliant mind but at the same time, ensure that you listen with a kind heart. You can handle situations better when think with your heart rather than your mind.”

A good listener is the best winner. A keen listening attitude fetches you the answers and solves a lot of quests which otherwise, would demand a lot of your time and attention. World is practical and so are we, but always remember, the world still values, respects and supports dealing the issues from your heart. Inner consciousness produces a more reliable and trusted solutions because the truth and hope overflows in the womb of heart. Many hidden truths come to light when you judge from your heart and not your mind. Not always do all the calculations that your mind does hold true to support your survival in the ocean of life. You got to develop patience to listen, wisdom to think and courage to speak in order to successfully reach the shore of your destiny.

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee dealt life by adding love, care and compassion to it while he made some of the major decisions of his life. The Bengali writer, poet and journalist was never a literary scholar until he started a verse. Composing India's national song Vande Mataram, he rose to the peak of success and he respected the voice of his heart and followed the same. The key figure in literary renaissance of Bengal listened to his conscience and lit his life.

5. “Dark night will end as the bright day takes its place. Failures of your life shall also end and success is soon going to be yourss.”

Always remember that nothing on earth is permanent. If it’s a dark night now, don’t forget that the earth never stops rotating in order to bring a bright day into your life. In the same way, failure is a sign of your extensive growth. Every moment you fail, it knocks the potential, capabilities, strengths and urge which are hibernating. They set into action when your attempts don’t fetch you what you want. Every failure that occurs in your life is a loud and strong declaration which says that your wait to achieve success has ended. This is because the true spirit and aspiration to invite success into your life gets simulated the moment you feel bad after a failure. Nothing can stop you to achieve when you tell your heart about what you really want.

All the awards, recognition and appreciation that Pavel Belyayev got was the result of locking himself in a dark room, struggle, strive and work hard just to welcome the light of success and contentment in his life. The Soviet fighter pilot was with extensive experience in piloting different types of aircraft. The first commander of the cosmonaut corps was the cosmonaut who commanded the historic Voskhod 2 mission. He got better opportunities because he worked hard for it and deserved it.

You are given a beautiful life. You can build it and make it better or ruin it; you can raise it or ignore it. Choice is all yours! Choose wisely and make your life, a meaningful one. If the above personalities could do it, then why can’t you? (Sources:

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