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June 30: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

There is no specific secret to success. While walking through the journey of life, achievers tend to grasp ideas which push them forward and lessons which help them survive. These are named as success secrets and they differ from one achiever to another. Read on to know more about some of them!

1. “Continue to stand, continue to learn and continue to grow! Success doesn’t happen overnight.”

Life is a journey and it’s indeed a long one. It means that we’ve got to do lots, win and cherish. During the course of living our lives, there may be lot of things coming into our lives just to shake us. Problems and obstacles may arise to hinder our further journey; we may also see diversions and misinterpretations de-catalyzing our walks towards success. But do you think all these can stop you from achieving your purpose? If incase these struggles become bigger in size compared to that of you, then don’t you think it is you who has given a chance for this to happen? You got to continue to learn and grow. This is only way to cultivate success in your life. Flower does not bloom overnight. Similarly, your life doesn’t ripen to accommodate success into it just like that. Withstand, strive and bear!

Ed Yost realized that life is all about standing, learning and winning. His invention of the modern hot air balloon never happened overnight. The Father of the Modern Day Hot-Air Balloon leased his single-engine plane to General Mills to track their gas balloons and involved himself into the process for days and months together. He used the power of his interest man the hot-air ballooning. His key engineering skills helped him to manufacture balloons which carried their own fuel while flying high.

2. “Your status, looks or position do not define you. It is your character, compassion and perseverance which do.”

Always remember, we all have life and anything that has life is never stagnant. So, how can a written report of your profile or materialistic parameters like financial standards, appearances and designations define who you are and what you are? It is your dedication, hunger towards learning, courage and willpower to fight back that decide what you are and who you are. Remember, it is based on your character and decisions that you build your profile. It means that your profile is in itself defined by your qualities. So, undoubtedly your ideologies, thoughts, commitment and compassion designate your personality. How determined you are shows your worth by bringing the bricks of success to soon build your profile.

Frederick Bligh Bond is not showcased here today for his prestige, possessions and financial status. He is featured for the world to learn from his success story. The English architect, illustrator, archaeologist and psychical researcher lived a successful life by designing the schools of medicine and engineering at Bristol University and the Music School of Clifton College. His work in the field of architecture served and continues to serve as a lesson for many aspiring minds to learn from. Getting educated at home from his father, he led a life which was respected and honored.

3. “You are the sole decision-maker of your life. No teacher, guide or a preacher can decide what is right for you.”

No one on this earth other than your own self can understand yourself. Only you know what makes you happy. Your cup of tea has to be chosen only by you. Sit back for sometime; relax and start thinking about who you are, what you are here for, your dreams, aims, likes and desires, aspirations, weaknesses, strengths and plan up. Always remember that the gap between where you are and where you want to be can be filled only by your decisions. One strong decision of yours can do miracles, change your life and redefine success in your terms. Others on this planet shall certainly lend their helping hand and assists your dreams to come true. Their hands may only help and it is totally you who is supposed to make you life. Deciding alone doesn’t fetch what you want; you got to abide by it, follow it and win it.

Dan Reeves chose his every next step which he wanted to climb. The American sports entrepreneur was a very successful businessman and was well known as the owner of the National Football League's Rams franchise. His dream franchise was pretty unsuccessful in the beginning and the situation demanded his decision to quit or move on make it successful. He proved to be wise and decided to take his franchise forward, proving it to be successful.

4. “You are said to live a successful life not when you increase the number of cars you own; it is when you increase your level of satisfaction and happiness.”

Work for self-satisfaction, self-contentment and self-respect. If we are born then we are sure to die someday, but what we take back while we return to where we came from matters. This measures our true victory. You may work hard, and offer a hard competition to your own self and win every attempt of yours by getting better every moment of your life. You may swim all the way through pain, misery, challenges and problems just to reach the shore of success. But ask yourself about what exactly is success all about. Is it about earning money, expanding your wealth, gaining immense name and fame, trophies, awards and medals or it is about experiencing joy, happiness, self-satisfaction, self-contentment, self-respect, cloud nine feel and fly high into ecstasy?

Lena Horne was an American jazz and pop music singer, dancer, actress, and civil rights activist who focused on acquiring the immense pleasure and joy. She understood that true happiness was not in having abundant possessions but in having plenty of peace. The nightclub performer had a long career of acting in film, television and theatre. Life tests everyone and she was tested when she was blacklisted in Hollywood. Not giving up, she restarted as a nightclub performer. She found that her true satisfaction and contentment was in performing.

5. “Fall in love with yourself. This is the best way to invite success into your life.”

When you do what you don’t like, loving what you do fetches appropriate results that you wish for. You spend most of your time and in fact, all the time with your own self. So, haven’t you ever felt like falling in love with yourself? If you want others to respect you, then you got to respect yourself first; similarly, if you want the world to love and praise you, then you got to love and praise yourself first. If you start pampering and appreciating the ‘good’ in yourself then self-esteem would automatically increase. This further makes way for confidence to rise. What more does a winner need? It is a little amount of love, care and concern, confidence and skills which would anyway be imparted. In this case, along with succeeding, sustaining your success also becomes easy.

John Harlin loved himself; he knew that only his love for his own self would keep him happy. The American mountaineer and US Air Force pilot established himself as a top-rank mountaineer with the first American ascent of the Eiger North Face's Original Route. The route which the mountaineers took to reach the summit was named the "Harlin route" in his honor. (Source:

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