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June 7: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

One good deed can light a life and a set of thought-provoking words can change lives. Here is such a write up; one read that essentially showers upon you, the right path to start your journey. Read on!

1. “Live to express and not to impress. If you want to meet everyone’s expectations then you will end up meeting no one’s, not even your own.”

Virginia Apgar
There was a girl who always wanted to grow in her interested domain. She worked hard and grew but her growth never made the family happy because her parents dreamt something else for her: they wanted her to learn cooking and get married. Her teachers expected something different form her; they wanted her to top. If she focused on making others happy and satisfy their dreams and expectations, then she wouldn’t have grown and achieved what she desperately wanted to. We all need to live for ourselves. Live according to your aspirations. You are the builder of your life; your dreams are the building bricks. Always remember, only you know what you want in life so, it is you who is supposed to decide how you want to see yourself on long term.

The world has hell lot of different perceptions, expectations, views and influences which immensely affect the way we lead our life. Never get carried away by what others want from your life. Live the way that satisfies your heart. Not everybody around are happy irrespective of how much ever you grow. You don’t have to grow to make people happy. You got to succeed to prove yourself to the world and get immersed in contentment. Virginia Apgar lived for herself. Being a woman, it wasn’t easy for her to please the world through her confidence. To quickly assess the health of newborn children immediately after birth, she invented Apgar score. The first woman professor at CUCPS achieved what she wanted to rather than behaving in the way how the world wanted her to.

2. “Many people think that there’s a limit for everything. But remember, sky is also not the limit for the parachute to fly higher.”

Brooks Stevens
Don’t draw boundary lines around your growth. Don’t limit the energy of your spirit. Fragrance of a perfume has no boundary and hesitation to spread. It travels and reaches everybody on earth, giving them a pleasing feel. The world wouldn’t get a change to relish the essence of the perfume if its fragrance never made an attempt to rise high up and spread all over. You can certainly set short term goals but these are only to help your achieve your long term ambitions. Anyone can succeed irrespective of anything. Age, race, gender, caste, creed, appearance, strength, background and educational qualifications are never a matter of concern to grow, achieve and occupy the throne of success. A common person can someday, really get into a BMW and enjoy the log drive only when he/she dreams of it.

If you don’t dream big and if you don’t aim the impossible, then how can you actually prove to the world, your immense potential? We got to make use of our lives by achieving what’s thought as unreachable. This is possible only when you target something beyond the vicinity of sky. That’s how you rage out and fly high. Brooks Stevens achieved what was thought impossible because he never limited his dreams. He aimed high despite being struck by with polio from childhood. Looking at his perseverance to prove himself, he was encouraged by his father to practice drawing while confined to his bed. The American industrial designer founded Brooks Stevens, Inc.

3. “A stone is what turns into a statue and coal is what becomes a diamond. Perseverance is all that is required for you to turn every situation into an opportunity and eventually succeed.”

Robert S Mulliken
Not all stones become statues; and not all statues are beautiful. The stone has to undergo and resist all the pain and has to bear all the sufferings and only then, it can be sculpted into a beautiful sculpture. The stubborn attitude of the stone towards tolerating the struggle while getting carved enabled it to acquire a pretty shape. Statue in itself is beautiful but it gets to be more beautiful when it is more tenderly sculpted and carved. Bearing the challenges, facing the struggles and taking the pain all through your journey certainly helps you win what you got to. Not all coal becomes diamond. Coal which is ready to accept all the pressure, surrender itself to welcome a better change shines and that makes a diamond. It is about how committed are you to learn, how ready you are to take and handle pressure and how important is achieving to you that contributes to your victory. All what matters is perseverance to fight, resist and improve.

Robert S Mulliken was an American physicist and chemist who was primarily responsible for the early development of molecular orbital theory. He won the Nobel Prize for chemistry and all this wouldn’t be possible if he had not dedicated himself completely to work. Bearing the pain and going through the struggling and tiring hours was a must for him. He became an expert on organic chemical nomenclature as he helped his father in the editorial work.

4. “Your today’s decision is what decides your tomorrow.”

Philipp Lenard
We all love to enjoy, party and give enough time for all our pleasures and happiness. Life is not just about spending your today but it’s about building your tomorrow. What you decide today acts as a building brick to construct your tomorrow. A constructive growth is always sustainable. It doesn’t just secure your life but also adds wisdom to the way you lead it. If you start now, then you will reach your destination tomorrow as early as possible. But if you start tomorrow, then you will not reach your destiny the same day at any cost. Your part is to decide to start, work, learn and explore today to enjoy your tomorrow.

Philipp Lenard decided to show the world, his wisdom, intellectuality and the power of his scholastic mind and that’s what led him to winning the Nobel Prize for Physics. The German physicist researched on cathode rays and discovered many of their properties. He had labeled Albert Einstein's contributions to science and constituted "Jewish physics". He stuck to his decision to grow in the field of science and kept bagging tons and tons of discoveries, developments and awards.

5. “Life keeps moving. It never stops for anyone. So you’re either moving ahead or behind but you’re never at the same place.”

Alexander P de Seversky
Always remember that you either grow or move backwards; you don’t really pause and stay at the same step. That is life! When a high velocity wave hits the soil beneath your foot, you may stand still in the same place but the soil moves and doesn’t remain in the same place. This is how our life is. When there is a big challenge lying in front of us, we got to face it and penetrate through it in order to move forward. The world may remain at the same level like how you remained but the real life of yours moves just like how the soil did.  So never forget to show the same or more amount of dedication, determination, perseverance, commitment and hunger to learn, grow and achieve. Otherwise, you will go down the ladder than moving up and reaching success.

Alexander P de Seversky made sure that he never came down the progressive ladder. The Russian-American aviation pioneer, inventor, and influential advocate of strategic air power consciously moved forward and never stopped his journey as he knew that pausing would take him backwards. He entered a military school at age 10 and started right at age 14 when his father taught him how to fly. Entering the Imperial Russian Naval Academy, he served in the World War I after graduation.

We all know that we are all capable of doing more than what we do now. Knowing alone is not enough, you got to believe in it and make it happen. The lessons from the experienced would’ve given you all the energy which is required for your life to become a lesson. Give your best today and come back for another dose of motivation tomorrow. (Sources:,

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