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Swaad Caterers & The Tamarind Tree Come Together To Produce Location Cum Food Experience That Will Leave You Inspired Forever!

Bangalore as a location for those that are getting wed, or planning a celebration/party or an exciting event has just added a real feather in the cap.
The most exotic location that offers the feel of an Escape to the past, to an Amphitheatre under the stars, The Tamarind Tree is a place where the old, the new, and someplace magical are crafted into an exquisite tapestry. Welcoming antique doorways lead you in to traditional courtyards, interwoven by cobble-stoned pathways. Frangipani blooms against the filigreed Bandstand. Elegant pavilions & panoramic beauty invite you to surrender to the charm of The Tamarind Tree.
The Tamarind Tree
Nestled in a 5 acres of garden that consists of beautiful trees including the original tamarind tree after which it was named, a natural pond, colonial bandstand, elegant pavilions, and ample open spaces, The Tamarind Tree is a place like none other. This place is now joining hands with the Bangalore’s rising household name in terms of catering - The Swaad Group to ensure the events get the taste of the best place and memories of the best food to the taste buds. Premium venue experience coupled with the best food, is a rare combination you would not want to miss out when it comes to your life’s most important events.

From green aisles to granite alters, fluid open spaces, lush green lawns, hidden nooks and corners for intimate conversations to spill over. Two large kitchen spaces with a very special Sheesh Mahal bar and ample food counter space, comfortably accommodate up to 1000 guests. The Tamarind Tree also has a grand guest house and two villas that can accommodate up to 25 guests. Engulfed in the midst of tropical gardens, the villas feature luxurious bedrooms, open to sky bathrooms, verandahs, outdoor seating, lotus pond courtyards, large water urns, a unique collection of art, antique furniture, and collectibles, The Tamarind Tree compels us to slow down and enjoy the moment that unfolds so beautifully.
The Tamarind Tree
Swaad Group has catered events that range from luxurious private parties of 25 to massive weddings to the tune of 2500+ guests over the last 6 years of establishment in South India. It’s based out of Bangalore and can cater to major cities across the 4 states of South India. With testimonials for premium service, great food and terrific accountability Swaad Group stands on the edge of being the best catering group in Bangalore as time unfolds. The group majorly fostered its initial growth with Jain community and then flanked into serving other communities too. Today it’s omnipresent among communities as a name in Bangalore, truly testifying its sync with the cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore.

Swaad Group also has a unit called Corporate Khana that caters to the food needs of Companies and corporates in Bangalore. Names like APTEAN, ACT, ABB, Gyan Matrix and the like have been/are being catered by Swaad Group’s brand Corporate Khana. Many companies are now joining the league too.

With sufficient introduction and details into the expertise of both the involved parties in this collaboration we can only say that this truly is unlimited inspiration to see the future destination weddings, corporate events & parties at The Tamarind Tree bite into the realms of serenity, tranquility and beauty of nature coupled with biting away their fingers to being blown by the experience of ecstasy to the taste buds with the food from the Swaad Group. This is a beginning to something that shall stand out to speak of Bangalore’s offerings in near future. Have you booked yourself a visit to this location to give your guests the taste of epic serenity of nature and taste of great food?

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