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How to Find an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring?

Getting engaged is one of those moments you and your bride-to-be will never forget! You know the stories! Down on your knee, you reveal the glorious ring as inspiring as your love for her. Naturally, as you want everything to be as perfect as your love for her, getting that ideal diamond engagement ring can be a challenging task.
Before you pop the big question, you will spend days, weeks even, looking for inspiration online before finding the perfect diamond ring. As the experts at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store put it, ‘choosing an engagement ring is probably the longest a typical man thinks about jewelry’.

One thing that could help you narrow down your search is knowing exactly what you are looking for. There are many variables you have to take into consideration, not just how shiny the ring looks.
Find an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring?

The centerpiece of any diamond engagement ring is the precious stone. In fact, the right way to conduct your search is to find the ideal diamond first, and then worry about the rest of the ring.

The Diamond

You may have already come across the 4Cs of diamond shopping. The four Cs stand for cut, color, clarity and carat. These values determine how the seller ranks the diamonds. These four factors determine the value and quality of a diamond, as well as the price of the ring.

The Carat stands for the weight of the precious stone. Naturally, the more carats the more expensive the ring will be. However, sometimes the seemingly insignificant difference between a 1.1-carat diamond and a 1.2-carat one can save you as much as a few thousand dollars!

Diamonds are graded according to color as well. Completely colorless diamonds are rated D. As the diamonds become more yellow, gray or brown, their color rating drops towards the letter Z on the mentioned scale. If you choose a diamond rated I or H, you might save some money on a diamond that is pure white, as far as human eye can detect.

Clarity determines how perfect the diamond is. Just like any product of nature, not all diamonds are flawless. While gemologists try to eliminate or conceal these flaws when cutting and polishing the diamond, they are still there.

However, these imperfections are often extremely hard to spot with the naked eye. Therefore, a diamond with a lower clarity rating might still be a viable pick if you cannot see any imperfections.

The diamond cutter is entirely responsible for the cut grade. Basically, the cut of the diamond is meant to bring out the diamond’s shine and conceal any imperfections.

The cut is graded according to several factors. The first one is the brightness of the diamond, or how much light it reflects. The second is how the light scatters through it. Finally, the scintillation tells how much sparkles and flashes occur on the diamond’s surface.

The Ring

While maybe not as important as the diamond, the right ring can still help bring out the diamond’s full shine. When choosing the right ring, you have to take the setting and the band into consideration.

There are typically two settings to choose from with solitaire engagement rings. The first one is the prong. This ring uses several prongs to elevate the diamond. This way, more light passes through the diamond, making it glow brighter. On the other hand, there’s the halo setting. It is considered more delicate and feminine. It can also make the diamond appear bigger than it really is.

Next, you need to consider the band. Do you want it to have any engravings or not. Do you want it to be yellow or white? This largely depends on the style of your bride to be, meaning you will have to look through her jewelry collection and see what she prefers.

Although some find it stressful, finding the perfect engagement ring should be fun. After all, it is meant to celebrate your love, not your struggles. If you follow the advice above, finding the perfect ring for your beloved will only bring you joy, not stress.

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