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Get the Most Out of Your E-Liquid with These Amazing Tips

E-juice can be considered the most crucial element when it comes to vaping. You should know that your experience can be improved even more if you use specific techniques. Here are some of them.

Get rid of the burnt taste

If you have ever felt a burnt taste while you were vaping, this might be a sign that the atomizer is too dry and you need to clean it as soon as possible. If the cleaning does not help, you might want to remove the wick inside. You can do that by using a pair of tweezers. The performance of your device won’t be affected by the removal of your wick.

Shake it up

If you want to get your flavors evenly all the time you should shake your bottle of e-liquid up. Doing this every once in a while should offer you that taste you enjoy.

Stay away from diacetyl

Diacetyl can be found in certain e-liquids, especially those who have a butter-like flavor. However, you should try to avoid this substance because it can cause lung damage.

Additional throat hit

If you want more throat hit, you can add pure grain alcohol. Don’t add too much add once. One drop or two can make a difference. If you want more, you can increase the amount of alcohol gradually. There are also specific flavors that will add more throat hit, such as menthol or cinnamon. You can also try to add more nicotine. It is known that PG will offer you more throat hit compared to VG.

Gumming up your atomizer

If you use dark juice, you should know that it will gum your atomizer pretty quickly compared to light or clear colored fluid. Therefore, if you use dark liquid, you should make sure that your atomizers are cleaned regularly so that the taste remains the same.

Vendors matter

You should know that many e-juices are different based on the vendor you choose. For example, each company offers its version of VG and PG. While VG is supposed to have a higher viscosity, there are vendors who decide to make theirs thinner by adding distilled water. Therefore, you will have to try out different products until you find the one you want.

Change your flavors

Most of the time you will get used to a flavor, and you will start getting sick of it. In this case, you should have multiple flavors prepares so you can rotate them regularly. You should not be afraid of experimenting with flavors either. There might be things you haven’t tried that taste incredible.

Don’t overfill your cartridges

Too much juice is never a good idea so you should be careful not to flood your atomizer. If you added too much liquid and you want to remove it you can do this by removing your cartridge and holding your e-cigarette by the battery, then flick it towards to ground so you can get rid of the juice.
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