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Lyrical Conversations: On World Environment Day!

Lyrical Conversations
Wishing you a Happy World Environment Day!
A day to respect and care for our environment, needless to say,
This beautiful home for us is truly a blessing,
But, unfortunately now is covered with a plastic dressing.

Happy World Environment day to you too,
Let's revive the Earth's green and blue..
Let's start small- uncovering the plastic,
First at home, then our street, and then neighbourhoods- should be a step fantastic!

The environment more precious than any diamond or gold,
Should be loved and cared for without being told.
The aquatic life in some parts have come to a standstill,
For the ban of plastic in many countries, there should be passed a strict bill.

Bringing around change is in our hands after all,
Small shifts towards a better environment is an easily taken call.
To switch to non-plastic bags while we go out to shop,
To have some green around us, is probably saving our earth drop by drop!

Our planets provide us with unique seasons,
for which to continue, we should be the sole reason.
The melting of ice caps at the poles are so rapid,
protecting our environment should be our routine habit.

Routine habits that we are aiming at needs to start today!
Plastic bags, bottles and packets need to be kept from the beaches at bay..
If every one of us contribute in our own simple ways,
We can reach where we want to- in a decade if not in days...

We must join hands to preserve this gift- planet Earth,
That is the ultimate reason for our very birth,
we have to protect and give back much more to this home,
To pass on this fortune for the future earthlings to come.
A life-bearer, a shelterer, a mother she has been,
Our extinction can undoubtedly bring back her sheen.
Let's do it while she still allows us around here,
For, disregarding it will only ensure that an apocalypse is near...
If hell hath no fury like a woman scorn'd
It's time we take a cue- and make Mother Nature feel adorned!

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