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Online Courses - Adding Magic to Learning

With the modes of education changing with pace, digital media & infrastructure has surely added power and value in terms of what it could bring home via digital devices. What was once a dream for many is coming true with the growth in online learning - "a tutor of choice and personalised experience of learning". Read ON!
Imagine a world where traveling to distant lands on “vacation” was not just unaffordable, but also almost impossible. Sounds ridiculous? Though the Wright brothers deserve their due share of credit for the aeroplane, I am talking about something far more basic, and something that brought about a far bigger revolution (The Industrial Revolution). The steam engine, to be precise.
Reading about how life was before the steam engine, and how this single invention changes the lives of people worldwide, is absolutely as enchanting as reading Harry Potter, to say the least. We all may or may not have been a part of times of revolutions, but there is no denying how some inventions just cause revolutions. Period. Life after Google is vastly different than life before it.
Life before the washing machine and dish-washer- two machines instrumental in reducing human effort and time in daily life at home- and life after them, are again vastly different. There is simply no measuring it! These are hardly two or three examples, which have changed life drastically. But these are the loud ones. Then there are a few things, which take root silently, without any noise, and change the course of humanity forever. They say evil is one that takes root silently, but I have known for a fact that is it not just evil, but even paradise can be formed on earth, silently without noise.
Shruti Balasa Online Course

The Internet and Online Courses

One such aspect in today’s world is online learning. It is silently helping so many across the world reach out to some of the best resources and coaches available, who would otherwise never be reachable. Nowadays, online learnings can even get you certified as an expert for your subjects of interest and you could eventually pave your way out to work in top-rated MNC's. There are a wide number of technology-based courses available from where you can choose like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Power BI Certification Courses, Big Data Courses, etc. 

Monks and meditators across the globe are connected over the internet today, and this has been an aspect of pride and honour for so many spiritualists who connect to monks on a frequent basis for words of wisdom.
The United States has been on the forefront of Online learning, with a number of reputed universities, starting from MIT and Stanford, throwing open their resources for anybody across the world to consume. Udemy has thousands of courses listed on their site, with access to diverse teachers and material on the same subject, left for the student to choose from.
On a recent survey I conducted on Instagram, 68% of the voters claimed to have taken an online course for learning something they needed to, and found it convenient. The remaining 32% still preferred to learn offline. But 68%, is not a small number.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!It seems like there is no reason to mention the benefits of learning online, at the comfort of your home, from a coach you picked, on a subject you want, without having to spend a bomb!
Building your own Website from scratch
Shruti Balasa Online Course One such course on Udemy “HTML & CSS for absolute beginners : Simple and step-by-step” which I picked up recently, is worth talking about. The coach, Shruti Balasa, has been a web developer and web designer for more than seven years now, as she mentions in her profile. She is also a mentor at OpenClassrooms International platform, which caught my eye.
The course in itself, is simple and hence delightful. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to build a simple website from the scratch, and host it. The best part that I found is that no prior coding experience is needed. Being a blogger who has just started my own blog a couple of months ago, and being a telecom engineer, suffice it to say that it had crossed my mind more than a few times to learn some basic nitty-gritty’s of building a website. What with the detailing and simple yet powerful suggestions just as the course begins, to keep the projects done organised, to visuals that gives clarity to exactly how a screen is supposed to look at a particular stage, to emphasis on asking questions when in doubt, this course is a winner.
To students who need better guidance on completing their website development projects at college, to those who want to add this skill on their basic know-how, to bloggers and entrepreneurs who consider it handy to build a basic website for themselves, this is the course to go to. When you find something that delights you, and adds value to your life, you cannot not talk about it, can you? :) 
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