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7 Important Things to Add to Your Landscaping

Landscaping can bring value to your property and real estate like nothing else can. Planning it well and knowing what works best for the kind of property you have is pivotal. Here's what you can keep in mind. Read ON!
Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping transformations are always an exciting project, but if you rush into it without careful planning, the whole process easily becomes overwhelming. Ask yourself: ‘What can my yard do for me’, and you’ll have a much clearer idea on where to begin. Spend some time sitting in your backyard, thinking about functionality as well as esthetics. What exactly would you like to do outdoors? Do you need a patio or a play space for the kids? Would you enjoy having a garden or a veggie patch?
Before you even start with the planning process, make sure that you have the proper tools if you decide to do a DIY landscaping project. You can find the best garden and lawn tools reviewed on OccupyTheFarm.com to help you easily find the right tools for the job. 
Here are seven ideas that will definitely make your landscape pop.

The front yard design

What catches the eye of every visitor to your home is the front yard. However, let’s not forget to put functionality first. There are things you might want to refresh before getting down to pretty flowers and decorative fountains. It’s important to do hardscape projects first, like driveways, porches, decks, sidewalks in order not to damage the soil or the plants.

Lead your guests into your home with style. Not only does your driveway leave a first impression, but also the last. Just filling in the cracks and restoring the edges will do wonders for the overall curb appeal. If you feel that a complete remodel is long overdue, there are fantastic and numerous driveway ideas for you to choose from, from the most common concrete and asphalt, to brick and cobblestone surfaces which give that classic, desirable look. Whatever you may choose, try to follow the general style of your home.

If you’d like to complement your home with ideas of a more traditional feel, go with lush greenery and a well-maintained flower bed. Conversely, if you have a modern house, minimalistic but sharp stonework and geometric hedges will do the trick. With the right lighting and statuary pieces, you’ll have a breathtaking and welcoming introduction to your abode.

The backyard veggie spot

Your outdoor space should be dazzling, but you can always have that sweet spot where you’ll be doing something rewarding and productive – like your very own organic vegetable patch. A little research will help you find the right place (mind the climate, sunshine and the type of soil), and you can start a veggie garden that will provide you with some much needed physical activity, relaxation and healthy homegrown food for the whole family. This endeavor need not break the bank as there are plenty of simple options to begin with. You can start small, with something like a herb garden and then progress to growing things like the humble tomato or zucchini.

Landscaping Ideas

Decks and patios

Since you have enough space, enjoy it to the fullest. Decks and patios are great for entertaining guests, having outdoor meals or just putting your feet up and immersing yourself in your favorite read. Should you feel you would benefit from some more privacy, install wooden fencing or some large thick shrubs to add that wall-like feature. Fencing not only improves privacy, but it also works a great deal in boosting your property's curb appeal. You can reach out to Timber Ridge Fence Company if you're looking for professionals to add a fence to your property.

A cooking station

If you like having people over, why not take the cooking outside? You’re not heating up the kitchen while having a wonderful time preparing food outdoors with your loved ones. Grilling stations, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are all the rage, since they allow you to enjoy your yard even when it’s a tad chilly outside. Imagine the evenings when you’re snuggled up around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the night air. Unforgettable. You can also visit this site https://yardiac.com/ for more information.

Playground for the kids

The kids are bound to love a backyard area packed with cool stuff they can enjoy while you’re enjoying your relaxing, grownup activities. The internet is brimming with ideas when it comes to these kinds of projects, and you can definitely find something to suit your little ones. You can even do some brainstorming together and ask them what they would like best. Is it a swing or a sandbox, a climbing wall or even a treehouse? Whatever they may choose, they’re spending time outside away from the screens, soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

Landscaping Ideas

The trees

Before you plant anything, do thorough research. Consider the sun, the soil, and of course, the size of your yard. Furthermore, don’t forget to check how big your chosen plants are, since once they start growing, you’ll see that size really does matter, especially if you wanted to plant some trees. Small backyards are not suitable for species like river birch, oaks or most maples. Opt for smaller types such as crape myrtles and redbuds. Brittle trees, for instance, should never be planted near the house or parking areas, since there might be damage from the fallen branches.

Shrubs and flowers

Embrace your house with low shrubs and groundcovers, especially if you have low windows and porches. Larger shrubs or small trees, however, would be best planted on the corners. They will frame the house nicely, hiding that box-like look. Flowers are there to add instant charm, and there is a myriad of types and arrangements to choose from. Think hanging containers or window boxes – they are sure to add to the color palette of your landscape. You can group flower pots or add a large planter, but mind the color scheme. Too many colors close together can seem a bit chaotic.

All in all, always add that personal touch. Whether it is garden art, water features, lighting or ornaments, it is the reflection of your personality that makes your yard unique. And of course, don’t forget to have fun transforming your outdoor space. You do need to be practical, but you can always add that touch of glamour on top of it.

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