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7 Tips for Having Your Novel Become a Movie

A fiction novel writer's dream come true moment can't get better than knowing that the novel turned into a movie; much like it happened for JK Rowling, DAN Brown or so many others who took the world by a wave of thrilling entertainment. Here's a set of tips from Chris Arnold & Helen Blakeman. Read ON!

If you’re writing a novel, well done…! But why only think of your audience as being the readers who turn the pages of your book? You should be thinking about turning heads…

Novel Writing Tips That’s why choosing the right publisher for your book really matters. Any 21st-century publisher will want to make your book a success - it’s their job. However, an innovative and connected publisher, such as, will think way beyond your written words.
Forward-thinking publishers like Heroic want to represent you and your work to the best of their ability, not only for your book to be a success – but for them to think about how your book could be adapted for TV, film, animation, or even for the gaming industry. What’s more, you can help them achieve this. The following tips are to help you to do just that:

1. Think Visually

All readers imagine scenes and characters from the words you write – the description and the detail. Thinking visually will help you delve deeper into the world and narrative of your book, making it far more vivid to the reader.

2. Make & Keep ‘Stage Notes’

Yes, you are writing a novel, but your primary character and development notes are just as important as the end product. Save and keep these, along with any cuts or additional details you’ve edited out as you write - they may come in useful when your book is adapted for the stage or screen or designed for a digital game or animation. Writing a one-page synopsis of your book is an essential exercise too.

Novel Writing Tips

3. Ensure Your Dialogue is Believable

Of course, poor dialogue undermines any book – therefore working hard to test the conversations of characters is critical. Read books by writers you admire, or books of a similar genre, to gain insight. Audiobooks also are helpful.

4. Pre-Audiobook Audio

Eventually, any successful author will have their novel made into an audiobook, however, recording audio as you write will help enormously when making edits. Do this yourself using your smartphone - ask friends or peers to read for you and give feedback about the flow of your written words. It’s a major help with dialogue.

5. Partner With Artists

One of the founding principles at is that authors should partner with artists - and do so early. Illustrations can be used for so much more than a book cover. An artist’s work can help you develop and further conceptualize your characters and story. It’s also a vital component in a ‘pitch-deck’ – used to sell your work if adapting beyond a novel.
The Heroic100 campaign is launching shortly to find the World’s Greatest Fantasy Artists - with the aim of partnering them with authors, just like you. Find out more on Instagram:

Novel Writing Tips

6. Be a Critical TV & Movie Watcher

Learn about the craft of visual media. It will help you in your work by providing ideas and beating out a rhythm, or structure, that often also works in novels.
Of course, bad TV and bad movies also teach you what not to do! I personally would add that you should learn an appreciation for the stage - playwrights are often the masters of good dialogue.

7. And Finally, 

Think Big. Just because most books are not adapted for the screen doesn’t mean that yours will not be. Write with intention and self-belief, it’s a tip that goes beyond your desire to be a successful author - it works in all aspects of your ambitious life!
These tips are directly contributed by Helen Blakeman, who is an International Emmy and BAFTA award-winning writer who has written for theatre, TV, movies, and animation. Helen is also the co-founder of Heroic Books and hopes to read your work soon.

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