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Chase Your Dream: Story of A Girl Who Lost It all Before Getting ATOP

Madhvi: Before starting the story, let me ask questions to the readers.

What we ever wanted in our life? To be number one everywhere.


But what if a number one individual fails?

This sounds weird… isn't it?

So keeping in mind these questions, let’s start this story.

She was a youthful girl. A girl was full of dreams, a daughter who craves only for success, an intelligent youthful woman. She always dreamt to be a successful person. Her utmost priority was her aim, besides that she never looked upon. Her dream was to get placed in the topmost MNCs of the country. She always secures a top position in her class. She was one of those charming souls that everyone encouraged her and admired her. Her name was Ankita. Ankita was the only daughter of her parents. She stayed with her parents, who loved her very much. They took care of her like a princess. In her last school days also, she topped in her academics. Her eyes reflected a comprehensible path on which she wants to progress and achieve heights. She began her college, an unconventional life, a free life, no rules and regulations, no-obligation, in fact, nothing.

She was enjoying her vigorous life, as she planned. She was always busy with her books; she started contacting unfamiliar people; she started visiting unfamiliar places; and doing everything that she ever wanted. But in those activities, she never forgets her aim. Her aim to become successful, her aim to be the most talented girl. Her aim to be on top of college.

Inspiring Stories And yes, after all the hard work, she fulfilled her dreams; she topped her college too. Ankita was on cloud nine. She never expected a simple girl to do something so big that every person is proud of her. She became an inspiration to most of her companions and upcoming youngsters. She started her post-graduation in another state, started preparing herself to be eligible for the topmost college in that state. And yes, she was unbeatable there too.
Her journey was remarkable. Everyone wanted that life, everyone wanted to be this successful, everyone wanted to achieve impressive heights in academics, wanted to top in their school and college. But is it so easy to gain all this so? Do you people feel the same as I do? Yes, I am sure about it you all would think it’s just a random story, anybody can write this story, it isn’t real. But the thing is why you think like this. Don’t you all have the potential to be so active in your academics, don’t you all desire to be one of the best students in your school and college life?

Ask all these questions to yourself and you will find all the answers. You all are capable to do many things, but you don’t trust yourself, you don’t have that one particular goal; you take everything leniently.

Okay, now, let’s see what happens? with Ankita later…

She shifted to a PG. She was mad for her books; she used to study every time, and make notes of everything, and this made her obsessed with the books. Just before exams, she got a phobia of books called bibliophobia. She likes nothing. She just wanted to run away from that place. She doesn’t want to see books and her notes anymore. She can’t even study a single word. Who knew, a girl who topped all her academics would behave like this in her most important part of life.

What on the earth made her like this? What happened to her? What was she going through? Everyone was in a state of great shock. A sweet girl who was everyone’s favorite because of her excellence had made her way down to hell. How can she overcome this situation?
Inspiring Stories
She was so depressed and failed her exams. She was not at all able to concentrate on her studies; in fact, she failed in her first year. Everyone was outrageous; no one can understand the problem which Ankita was facing. How come a girl who topped all her life suddenly failed in her exams and that too the most important one. Her mind refused to register what had just happened to her. Ankita was dreaming with the open eyes. And it was not just a dream, it was a nightmare. She just wanted to overcome all these stuff whatever was going on with her, but how? How could she overcome this situation? She was just helpless. But, her parents knew it all. Her parents took her to the hospital. There they admitted her for many days. She felt free there. She comes to know many people of her age facing this problem.

After many days she was coming back to her life like she used to before. There was a drastic change in her. They came to know about a psychiatrist who helped her a lot. It was very tough to overcome this situation in a brief period. But the courage and motivation she got from her family made it possible. She was now back as a cheerful soul once again. After a few months, she started writing because writing is something that can set your emotions free. This can light you up from the worst situations. Soon she became? An author, and this made her an exception from society. Looking at her, everyone was proud. She faced a lot of troubles but as we all know “all well when ends well.”

Inspiring Stories
So this is the story of Ankita. She writes her own story by her hands. Facing a problem, fall began everything from start. It is difficult to be like this. God blesses you and you just have to feel that blessings. You can do anything, whatever you want to do. Just believe in yourself and give yourself 100% in every situation no matter what. Once you give yourself 100% in every task of your life. No one can ruin you. Even you can’t ruin yourself. Something has to start today.
So, for all the readers, I hope it conveys the message to you which I want to convey. Promise yourself that you will start your life and inspire in every situation. No matter how hard the situation is, just give yourself a chance to prove.
Story by: Madhvi Ledwani

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