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Inspiring Remote Employees To Give Their Best - Know The Secrets

Working remotely is becoming an option for many, while ensuring everyone is motivated and inspired to deliver on the job still remains a secret only few have got it right. Here's a set of them that could handy for your company while we would love to hear your tips in the comments below. Read ON!
Remote Team Inspiration Tips

Over the years, businesses have gradually started realizing the value of remote working. While the system can be an incentive for employees, it can help organizations cut the operational costs and attract top talent. Needless to say, the current situation has made remote working a norm because organizations have been forced to make the switch.
Whether you embrace this model voluntarily or out of compulsion, the biggest concern is about keeping people productive and committed. And it is all about the ability of managers and leaders to inspire remote employees for giving their best. Here are some secret tips that can help in this context.

Empower them with an effective communication platform

The biggest downside of remote working is that direct interactions are limited. And right now, it is bound to be tougher because your employees will probably be bearing the brunt of social isolation due to the lockdowns. Good communication is the key to keeping the team productive and motivated. Having an effective communication platform in place is a no-brainer because you have to keep employees in the loop at all times. This will save them from feeling disconnected and also enhance their performance and efficiency.

Set clear goals and expectations

People working remotely tend to face pressure in terms of not being able to match expectations. The reason could be simple- they don’t really know what managers expect. Setting clear goals and expectations and informing them about these goals and expectations is a great idea. If expectations are clear and mutually agreed-upon, things can be much easier for remote workers. And lesser stress also translates into greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

Offer support whenever they need it

When it comes to inspiring a remote team, it goes much beyond motivation and moral support. What they really need is tangible solutions for the glitches and issues they face in day-to-day work. Firstly, you should arrange IT expertise for every user so that they get immediate help when they come across any technical issues. Secondly, providing them clear and well-documented remote processes and policies is a smart move. These measures ensure that there is no downtime and confusion and employees are able to deliver more.

Be less rigid about timelines

The real objective of remote working is to impart flexibility to your employees and that’s exactly what inspires them. Give them the liberty to make the most of their productive advantage. For example, if a worker is an early bird, let them work at the time that enables them to be at their productive best. Unless the position involves interaction with clients, there shouldn’t be unnecessary restrictions for the team. Remember that the work they deliver should matter, not when they deliver it.

Remote Team Inspiration Tips

Go the extra mile to recognize great work

Remote workers often prove their productivity and even show that they are better than their office-dwelling counterparts, but recognition is elusive for these roles. If you want to keep them inspired, have a recognition system in place. Go the extra mile to appreciate the contributions they make to your organization. And don’t make it a private affair; let the team know about these achievements so that everyone has a reason to work harder. Thanks to the innovative and collaboration tools, this is much easier than you think.

Make time for small talk

Another important aspect of inspiring a remote team is by being available for small talk rather than just regular professional conversations. Rather, encourage in-team interactions on a regular basis. Right now, people need to connect more than ever and this is important even on the professional front. Let people share their concerns, whether it is about a tight deadline, juggling between work and family responsibilities or even their personal stresses. There are chances that people may even figure out solutions for each other.

Build a culture that fosters employee engagement

Businesses have always been focused on in-office culture but it is equally important to prioritize remote employees. The objective should be to foster employee engagement and nurture long-term relationships with them. Trusting your team is important though it can be a real challenge for owners who have been used to the traditional model. Apart from being available for listening to them one-to-one, you should also invest in remote team building activities.
There's much to learn here from HappyWise Financial Planning company from Bengaluru, as their team, including the founders, operates from remote locations to deliver financial plans to their clients. They are contantly spiking up with growth numbers during these testing times, simply because they have got the remote working strategies right for all and keep the whole team charged up and inspired.
Virtual events and meetings should also be a part of remote working culture. Keeping remote workers happy and inspired may take some work but the results of the efforts are completely worthwhile. You will end up with a more productive workforce that is willing to contribute, not just slog!

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