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A NoteBook That Lasts Forever 

What if you could buy a notebook that lasts forever allowing you to plan, take notes, ideate and do all this over & over again, without ever having to purchase another one? Like us you would simply want it. Read ON! 
Rocketbook Everlast
There’s an amazing feeling, as it is, when each time you put yourself through retail therapy. Isn’t it?

But, there’s even greater feeling, when you buy products that have the feeling of innovation, class, productivity, longevity, joy, and spirit of enterprise associated with them. Don’t you agree? At iU we came across one such product a couple of years ago; a notebook in particular. When they started advertising via Instagram ads, our editor noticed it. He made this purchase without wasting any time at all, to mark the new journey of bringing iU’s online media to a whole new scale using this notebook for every meeting he would sit down for. The eagerness with which he waited to see this notebook with him, is still unforgettable.

Once the book reached him, the eagerness & excitement now made sense to the whole team. Oh! The notebook we’re talking about is the RocketBook's EVERLAST Notebook. Indeed the name on top of the book speaks mostly about everything it is - “EVERLAST”. A notebook that lasts forever, sounds so celestial, isn't it? The joy was of course unlimited. Imagine taking just one notebook to all your meetings and having it with you each time you sit down to sketch out your action plans. Yes, It was indeed the case with our editor now.

Rocketbook everlast

If all this sounds exciting by any means, here’s why you would believe this to be one of the most exciting purchases for yourself or someone you love. While, gifting or buying gadgets gives a real kick in contemporary times, this notebook comes  with a feeling of something that's gonna last forever. Simply pick up a frixion pilot pen and start putting out every idea on to the specially manufactured sheets in this notebook. These sheets allow you to erase everything that's written with the help of a wet wipe. The company sends along a soft cloth that you could wet, to erase all the writing. Yes! You read it right, it can be erased and the sheet is blank new again, almost like you opened a new word/pages file on your system to take notes.

Each sheet has 7 symbols that perform special functions. This book comes with the Rocketbook app that allows you to customize the function of each symbol & define it. This app allows you to scan and organize your notes. Once you're ready to scan a sheet to store it, all you need to do is cross mark one of these symbols & then the app automatically detects that cross mark to perform the associated function. How cool is that?
So, let's say if you set the first symbol to eMail yourself a copy, second symbol to add the file to your Dropbox & third to put it on your cloud, this app will exactly perform that. When you want all your business notes to be in one place, scribbles to be in another & fancy writing a book using this notebook (the old school way) then you can simply organize all sheets in one place with just camera clicks.

Rocketbook everlast

These functionalities and creative ways to use this everlast notebook motivated us to apply to partner with this company as an affiliate so that we could bring this delight to several people globally. We could simply go on & on sharing the creative ways in which this notebook can assist you & become your ideas, journaling, writing & meetings partner, through all times, and how a lot of our clients have bought it too, gifted their friends, so on, but, time to call it a conclusion here.
Here's where you can own your copy of this supersmart notebook at rocket speed. If you at all buy this one now, don't forget to share that delight with us here in the comments & we eagerly look forward to your rocketbook story.
Let's make it all the more exciting - for every comment we get here of a purchase we shall gift a One-Sided Notebook to an underprivileged kid somewhere in the world. Let's bring the world of EVERLASTing delight to you & your friends.

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