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The New Science on Old Age: Five Ways To Live Longer

With progress in science and unlimited dreams to live for, most people on the planet desire to live longer. A longer life certainly allows for one to cherish the quality time with their loved ones while enjoying the wonderful experiences on the planet. Here's the science to achieve it. Read ON!

Living Longer Tips Do you want to live for long while staying healthy at the same time? Science has identified certain lifestyle habits that contribute to longevity. You’ll be surprised that as little as five healthy habits can extend your life for up to a decade. In this article, you’ll learn five habits you can adopt to help you live longer.

Exercise Regularly

For you to have better mental and physical health, you need to work out regularly. Exercising boosts your cardiovascular fitness. It also boosts your energy in the body and enhances your mood-no wonder; your life will be extended.

The Federal physical activity guidelines recommend that one needs to have 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. Other forms of exercise include walking and cleaning. Yes, cleaning your house or your compound is a form of exercise because it entails movement. Moving reduces the risk of dying early.

You can opt for more dynamic workouts, like playing tennis and soccer. They are good for longevity because they also encourage social relations.

Consume a Healthy Diet

Living Longer Tips Your life span is highly dependent on what you consume daily. If you want to live for long, research suggests that you follow a Mediterranean diet. A Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, whole grains, and less sugar. Some of the specific foods and nutrients found in the Mediterranean diet include; fiber, fish, whole grains, and plant-based proteins.

On the other hand, if you want to live for long, you need to avoid these kinds of food; fried foods, meats, processed snacks, and sweetened drinks.

People who eat more healthy foods reduce their risk of dying at an early age.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one behavior that comes with a lot of risks. It is associated with serious health problems like stroke, heart attack, mouth, throat, and lung cancers. These diseases are a threat to your longevity. To avoid them, avoid smoking. If quitting smoking is very hard to do right away, then opt in taking a smokeless non tobacco from Where you can enjoy chewing this product while tasting different flavors.

Manage Stress

Your immune system gets compromised when you are stressed out. The likelihood of getting sick is high. Chronic stress contributes to; diabetes, cancer, asthma, obesity, and even heart problems.
Stress has a huge effect on our bodies because it shortens the telomeres. These are the protective caps that are found at the end of chromosomes. They are associated with health and longevity and when interfered with, the cells age faster.

It would help if you learned to cope with stressful events. When stressed, try to be active. Eat and sleep well. Besides make sure of preventive measures to keep yourself stressfree like preparing yourself an absolutely clear financial plan for life. Having clarity on financials can reduce maximum stress from day to day life.
According to founders of HappyWise Financial Planning company a qualified financial advisor can help you bring all your goals at one place and sort out your financial plan from present scenario unto retirement, with numbers that would defy all contigency times too.
Such a stressfree life automatically assures you healthier aging and better old age. By doing these, you will prevent the immune cells from aging and hence ensure longer life. 

Living Longer Tips

Stay Positive

It would be best if you found your purpose in life. Having goals for yourself and doing things that challenge you will make you have a different outlook on life. You will become happy and even healthier. You need to be positive in everything that you do and never give up.
Learn to focus on the good things. Whenever you find yourself stuck, create short and long term goals, and find ways to achieve them. Read simple coffee table reads books like Life Simplified that give a clear sense of purpose to life while inspiring you for a better one each day.
After all, having a sense of purpose in life will make you have the desire to live long because you will want to achieve your goals. At the end of it, you will have a long life.

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