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An Inspiring Young Entrepreneur from the Northeast India- Mr. Prajal Regmi

NorthEast Indian Entrepreneur
1. What do you want the world to know you as?

My name is Prajal Regmi. I’m from Sikkim, a north-eastern state of India. Currently, I’m a student and an Entrepreneur. I always want the world to know me as an Entrepreneur, the blood of Entrepreneurship with the heart of pure social worker.

2. Could you share regarding your Family and Educational background?

I’m currently 17 years old, born, and brought up in Sikkim. In my family, I have got a father, mother, an elder sister, and grandmother. My sister has completed her civil engineering and I’m pursuing a diploma in computer science.

3. How was your childhood life and how has it helped you shape your life?

One would say that charity begins at home like that only my childhood life has always helped me to shape my life because I used to work in NGOs and I was into poetry also I used to write poems.

4. What type of Organizations have you been involved with? What were the 5 most important lessons learned?

Actually, I have worked with a lot of organizations since my childhood. The 1st NGO with which I worked was the Bal Awaj Pariwar located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. I'm also working with VOICE as an environmental activist.

It was also a member of Sanjeevni Sahitya Manch located in Samsing district of West Sikkim. I'm also a helping member of the Wondering Souls of Sikkim, I'm a member of Start-up Northeast. I worked as a volunteer member with Sustainable Sikkim, SPYF, Pslc Soreng, and many more.

The five lessons I learned was

1. Utilize your resource first.

2. We grow by helping each other.

3. Alone we can do so little together we can do a lot.

4. Humanity is the first.

5. Do good be good and get good.

5. What were the most difficult obstacles and barriers you had to face in your life and what have you learned through them?

Although setbacks, roadblocks, and defeats are all obstacles standing between where you are now and where you want to be, each one represents a different level of challenge. As similar in my life also I've gone through lots of obstacles especially if someone is doing good in society or anywhere no doubt there will be several obstacles.

I've gone through many but particularly I can't describe because there are many more I faced till today and they are success mantras for me.

NorthEast Indian Entrepreneur 6. What are the core attitudes that govern your Life?

Discipline, handwork, passion, chasing a dream.

We are working with start-up northeast to uplift start-up in northeast India. As well as bringing artists from the root level into the whole world.

7. Who have been the Inspirational figures in your life and why?

My father has done a lot about us where he was not in the position to make things. His willingness to keep us happy means a lot to me. My father has always been my inspiration since childhood. apart from that, I’m very thankful to every individual who had inspired me in their own way.

8. What type of Social Initiatives have you involved with and what are your thoughts on those subjects?

I’m into so many social initiatives and I work for society since I was in school and for me, a good society leads to the bright future of the nation. We know the present scenario of our country, only youth are in different activities like drugs, crime, etc and the is because of their environment where they grow and being a social worker or a good human we have to work making our environment full of positive.

9. Could you share about the concept of Nepanglish and its objectives?

This is an open mike event that provides a unique platform to our young generation to showcase their hidden talents thereby empowering them. This event also helps the youths to be more productive and positively occupied in works, which would help them to become good human resources. It also helps to connect the youth of different communities under one roof. An open mic named “NEPAnglish” has a tagline as “The journey from hidden diary to an open mic” which is founded by Prajal Chettri (Regmi) and Ayush Rai of West Sikkim. Coming with the clear idea of youth importance in our society.

10. What led you to start Nepanglish?

As the youth of the nation is into bad things they have been addicted to such things like drugs, gaming and all so we are engaging them into those activities where they will not be able to get into bad things and another we are respecting our local artists and giving them a platform to showcase their hidden talent in front of the whole world. Our tagline is THE JOURNEY FROM HIDDEN DIARY TO AN OPEN MIC.

NorthEast Indian Entrepreneur 11. How many events have you conducted through Nepanglish?

We have started Nepanglish in January 2020 and we have completed 2 events to date January at Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim where we felicitated 4 NGOs with the huge number of participants and people were about 2-3 thousand. The second event was at Jorethang city which is known as the gateway of West Sikkim where people were nearly 1-2 thousand.

The concept of doing in an open market is engaging more people and expecting to get impacted by this open mic.

12. Could you share about the impact though Nepanglish?

We have given an opportunity to showcase their hidden talent through this platform apart from that we have built confidence level in public speaking to participants. We have given a platform at the international level too while were collaborating our show in Nepal and other states of our country. We are also felicitating NGOs and highlighting them in the public and respecting them for their good deeds towards society.

13. How did the thought of starting the Ripra Clothing initiate? What is it into?

I was in the race of Entrepreneurship and as I started doing Social Entrepreneur. While thinking about a future aspect I have to do something about myself thinking a bit commercial so I started doing research into the market of the northeast so I m launching a brand from northeast India only, loving with the motto of made in India and made for India. Ripra means making a mountain from small stones.

Ripra marketing strategies is we’re doing marketing with heart, as we know most of all students have to ask pocket money from their parents in college and school so, we are launching a program of community-based brand ambassador where they can be able to earn from Ripra doing community-based brand ambassador only they have to do is sell product online through their specific link given and they’ll get 8% each from the product they sell.

NorthEast Indian Entrepreneur 14. Could you elaborate on your plans and Vision for Ripra Clothing?

Company’s Goal

Ripra clothing's major goal is to start as an intermediate fashion firm and expand to be a regional brand during year three. In order to accomplish this, sales must significantly increase between the year two and three. The management team hopes to start distributing throughout the rest of FCT, as well as surrounding states such as Nagaland, Arunachal, and other Indian State through E-commerce and online retailer.

Another venture goal of Ripra clothing is to be profitable in two years. With current sales forecasts, Ripra clothing will be making money by the end of year two, and to further develop a successful Internet site, while maintaining strong relationships with retailers.

Company’s objectives

> To establish ourselves as a premier fashionable clothing company, targeting professionals – working professionals and medium to fashion-forward working professionals in both academic, entertainment and design industries · To sell more than #250,000 in annual sales by year two, providing high-quality clothing with A-list designs for people with polished and elegant taste

> To reach a break-even point by the end of year one

Mission/vision statement

> Ripra clothing intends to develop an inventory of unique fashion products that can add value to every potential client’s wardrobe. These products, which will be sourced and manufactured in India and other raw materials dealers abroad, are added as a staple, fashionable exclusive pieces to enhance the image experience to people that hold fashion, quality, and high-end design of utmost importance.

> Ripra clothing will be a leader in the couture wholesale and retail sector by offering customers unique and stylish men and women’s apparel and accessories at affordable prices with top?notch customer service and benefits

> Clothing for consumers, based on style and quality and to be the most sought-after provider of personalized quality clothing in the Northeastern part of Region of India and beyond
While Prajal Regmi might have found his assistance from family, friends, colleagues or his intuition, you might want some online tools to make your business plans. There are quality softwares available online to help you with the same. 

15. We would love to know some of your Achievements.

I’ve been titled as the youngest entrepreneur in Northeast India and been awarded as Bal Ratna Puraskar from an NGO Bal Awaj Pariwar.

16. Could you share your other interests and passions? How do you plan to manage your time with both Nepanglish and Ripra Clothing?

I’m much more interested in writing poems, adventure exploring the beauty of nature and travelling.

NorthEast Indian Entrepreneur 17. What would your message for the people who are passionate about pursuing their dreams?

Chasing your dreams will develop your courage. Courage is your fuel to achieve amazing success in life, courage .in sure enough time you will be unstoppable.
Many entrepreneurs like Prajal have also been created becuase of opportunities created by ventures like printful(dropshipping business set up platform for online stores to sell customized printed unisex clothing, hats, accessories, home decor items etc.). The world is full of opportunities for those that are always ready to learn, explore and perform. 

You can connect with Mr. Prajal through Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Updates of Ripra Clothing can be followed on: Instagram | Facebook

Updates of Nepanglish can be followed on: Instagram | Website

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