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Objectway Wins Xcelent Depth Of Service Award In Celent 'Wealth Management Client Onboarding Platforms' Report

A comprehensive front-to-back Client Lifecycle Management solution for prospecting and onboarding clients

Wealth management

Milan, London – 8
th June 2020 – Objectway, a leader in the software and services for the Digital Wealth & Investment Management sector, won the XCelent award for the leading Depth of Service score in Celent report “Wealth Management Client Onboarding Platforms”.

This report examined eight major vendors offering digital onboarding capabilities in Europe and North America, focusing on trends, technology and functionalities, and client preferences.

According to the renowned research and consulting firm, Objectway “stood out in several key areas, most notably the staff’s vast experience, SLA features, and client satisfaction with the implementation process”.

Celent also recognized that Objectway Client Engage and Conectus Onboarding provide “a comprehensive front-to-back Client Lifecycle Management offering allowing clients to identify prospects as well as onboard, with a user-friendly UI”.

Further elements noted in the report were Objectway’s interactive collaboration model, whereby the solution is easy to use and integrate as it offers customization capabilities that can be configured with low code changes, compared to those offered by other vendors evaluated by Celent. Its robust AML capabilities, since uniquely stringent EU Compliance rules, give the firm a content advantage over vendors focused in other areas of the world.

Luigi Marciano, Objectway’s CEO, and founder commented “We are glad and proud of this award recognition from Celent. As one of the first parts of the client interaction lifecycle, an effective onboarding workflow is critical to starting the client relationship on a strong footing. This acknowledgment testifies how we successfully help wealth managers achieve their digital client onboarding and engagement strategy to enhance their whole client lifecycle management.”

Awaad Aamir, an analyst at Celent and co-author of the report, affirmed “The Depth of Service award is particularly relevant as it derives from the high evaluation received in aspects related to clients concrete experience with the implementation of Objectway’s Client Lifecycle Management and Onboarding solutions.”


Powered by 30 years of business expertise in delivering wealth and asset management technology and services, Objectway empowers its clients to embrace their future challenges while providing great performance today.

Objectway solutions and services enable opti-channel customer engagement, front-office productivity, stronger investment performance, suitable advice and compliance enforcement, efficient back-office operations and automation, pro-active client reporting, and management analytics.

Objectway’s front-to-back, multi-channel, scalable, cloud-ready platform leverages a component-based architecture with AI-driven algorithmic engines for risk & performance analytics, real-time investment compliance, portfolios optimization, and mass customization, with open APIs for easy integration.

Objectway is a Global Top 100 fintech provider (IDC ranking) and its clients include 200+ leading wealth managers, banks, asset managers, fund managers, insurers, and outsourcing providers in more than 15 countries. The firm supports approximately 100,000 investment professionals to manage more than £1 trillion in assets. Objectway operates from offices in Italy, the UK, Ireland, and Belgium serving customers in 4 continents.

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